Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Pain, No.... Pain

So LW and I went back to the gym today. I am pooped. We're going back tomorrow for more torture... I mean exercise. I know this will get easier... I actually like going to the gym because I feel like I'll do more than I would at home.

So anyway, 60 min on the treadmill at various inclines & speeds, and 45 min of weights... I gotta get my fat arse in the pool. I also need to try a spinning class, but the teacher was sort of freaky. Not sure if (s)he will kill me or if I'll like it. I guess I could hide on a bike in the back away from the windows (I don't want my ass right in front of a window. No thanks)

More tomorrow as the Suicide.. I mean Exercise Chronicles continue.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feel the Burn

So to cap off my week of sugar detox, my Lovely Wife and I decided to hit the gym on Saturday... She had a personal training session at 9am, so we got there around 8:30 so she could get in some cardio before her session. So I hop on a treadmill and did about 40 min, which included about 4 minutes of jogging. Then I started to get bored, and I'd more than exceeded my time limit so I was getting dirty looks from people waiting for treadmills (even though there were open ones... I think people want "their machine") so I hopped off and hit the circuit machines. There were several to pick from, so I went for the LifeFitness ones that use pegs so that you can pick resistance rather than specific weight.

So, I did about 30 min or so worth of that... All sorts of different machines to cause all sorts of different pain. I did every move slowly and deliberately to get the resistance in both directions for a better workout :) There were 2 machines I wanted to try (a torso twist thing and the assisted pull-up machine) but every time I tried to get them someone else beat me to it. So, after my muscles were screaming I figured on should hop on one of the bikes. I HATE STATIONARY BIKES. The only ones I've ever ridden that felt like a real bike are the ones that are a big fan thing. So I gave up after a few minutes because it annoyed me and I tried the stairmaster. That lasted exactly ONE MINUTE. None of the ellipticals were open, so hopped back on another treadmill, and did about 25 min of 3.5mph walking on 2.0 incline :)

Then we went for omelettes *LOL* :) I got eggwhites with ham and mozzarella. YUM!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Frost 50 = Done!

Yesterday I rode in the Houston Frost 50 bike ride. Let me just say, that the title is literal. It was a foggy, 42 degree morning in North Houston and I felt every bit of the cold. When the fog's dew accumulates on your face and then freezes, it looks like you have a frosty beard. It was so wild to see!!!

I just have share this too. There was a guy there who actually had his dog with him. HIS DOG. He had a covered basket-type thing that he carried him in (of course he was wearing a sweater... the dog, that is) and would walk him at every rest-stop. Oiy! I understand pet-love, but yesterday was borderline abuse for an animal.

The ride itself was not challenging climb-wise, though there was one hill in the lat 4 miles. Average speed was only 13.2 and a average cadence of 69.8. My riding partner has a metal plate in her leg, so needless to say the cold weather was more than a challenge for her, but she was a trooper. We did not focus on speed or Cadence, but stayed together (especially since my partner was struggling); misery loves company, you know? That's not to say I didn't fire my legs from time-to-time, but I really believe that when you sign up together, you stick together.

What's next? The Gator Ride! 43 miles of hopefully warmer weather, with a challenging climb over the Fred Hartman Bridge.

Here's a couple tips (just from my experience) for cold weather riding:
  • Not all legwarmers are created equal. My riding partner had purchased some Nike leg warmers and they were not friendly to her fuller thighs; clearly they are cut more for men's peg-legs. She had to keep slowing down and stopping to pull them up. Let's just say they served better as ankle warmers. The Pearl Izumi brand though, were nice and long with friendly elastic and stay up.
  • Personally, I chose to skip the leg warmer challenge and made a relatively modest (compared to other brands) investment in a pair of cycling pants. I purchase the Canari brand ($52.99). They were nice for a 25 mile ride, but at 45 miles their high-tech gel pad was less than comfortable. That said, I really do like the material they are made of and perhaps their more "spendy" Elite series would perform better.
  • Layer, layer, layer. 'nough said."Twinkie Toes" work, but invest in a good pair of wool socks as well that will wick the moisture from your feet and keep the cold to a minimum.
  • Assos chami butter -- OMG this stuff leaves you feeling cool on your bottom and friction free. At first I was surprised, it kinda has a cool, mentholated feeling, but doesn't burn; just feels cool and comfortable. No chafing happened on this girl.
  • Wear gloves over your cycling gloves. Don't underestimate the wind. When you're riding, even a 5 mph wind feels like more than a challenge. I swear I thought my finger tips were going to fall off. Worst part is, I had a pair my hubby gave me to borrow, but I chose NOT to wear them. I was cursing a blue-streak the whole ride.
  • Lastly, a headband to cover your ears!
  • Deerfield Farms Snackin' Flax and Turkish Apricots make for great fast-fuel. I had no problems keeping my energy. My riding buddy is actually an RD, LD and said the snackin' flax find was a good one -- so try them! The Turkish apricots are low on the glycemic index, but still pack some fuel in them. Just a couple of good options for those who can't do GU, or GU-like alternatives.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Triathlon 101

Hey Divas-

I bought the Triathlon 101 book a loooooooooooooooong time ago and never read it in detail. I've recently picked it up again and it's been very helpful. The book has a training program, race simulations and nutrition recommendations. Click here if you're interested.

Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, January 21, 2008

H2O Audio

Surely having your favorite tunes will provide additional motivation to get in the pool? :)

Click! (Scroll down for all of the iPod generations)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

176 Days...

Can you believe it? Less than 6 months until the big day! I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year and training hard. I'm focusing on cycling/running for the next couple of months. I plan to hit the pool in March. I'll post a detailed training program asap.

In case you didn't know, Danskin has posted additional details about the Chicagoland event. FYI, I believe my buddy Lesli plans to join us. She'll make her final decision in the next couple of months, but the girl is training like a triathlete. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Swimming Week 2

Check the blog!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Okay, so I flat out do not know how to swim. And since I am determined to do this triathlon completely, I guess I better figure out how to. So tonight, I am going to make myself go to the YMCA to sign up for lessons. This could get interesting. Pray for me Divas! LOL

Peace and chlorine,