Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Just got an email from my tri camp coach... they're doing another camp this summer... for an Olympic distance event in September in Oklahoma City... part of the Redman stuff.

The first thing that popped into my head was not "you can't do that"... but "You could do that!"

35 x 35 list item!

I've got the bug.

Keeps me busy and mostly out of trouble, right?

And no, I wouldn't be an Olympian... but doesn't doing an event with the word Olympic attached to it sound like a cool deal?

As my niece, Mia, would say... "Curses!"

Running 101 is the only obstacle and that ends late July with goal race on the 1st of August.

When did this become my world? I love it... but how did this happen?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Who is freaking out???

*raising my hand* ME!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, chicks, there's 10 days left until the Danskin! Whoohoo!

I wanted to start a thread here because Angel had asked about covering the bike course on Saturday, and I thought we should discuss.

Personally, I'd be glad to DRIVE the course, but I don't want to do more than a short run on Saturday, if anything. 1 bike ride around the course is not going to improve our times, and frankly would probably hurt us more by burning our legs up... especially for beginners.

We've trained... we're ready.

We will do this. :)

I'm coming into Austin on Friday, but staying with a friend's Dad on Friday night near Lake Travis. On Saturday I'm checking into that Arboretum hotel (where Courtney is staying), along with my friend Elysha. We'll be at the Expo Saturday and if Dinner is still on at Chuy's, we'll be doing dinner with y'all. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tri Ride

So I had the chance to ride the Danskin course yesterday. We checked out the park and everything looks the same as in 2003. We befriended another lone rider out to try the course for the day, so three of us rode the course together. Here's the scoop:

I left my bike computer at home so I have no idea as to speed on the course for the day.

At the end of Lindell, there is a fast downhill. The problem is, you have to stop before you make the next right. I remember volunteers being there, tell you to stop. Not sure if they'll be there this time, but that's how it was in 2003.

The problem with stopping, is that the moment you turn right, you have a very steep climb right in front of you; seriously, like a wall-in-front-of-your-nose kind of climb. Literally, I had to come out of the seat for this one (thank God for Spin Class climbs!). if you are not in the right gear (an easy spinning gear) when you make that turn, you will kill yourself getting up there. Seriously, I thought my derailleur failed mechanically, but when the same thing happened to E, I realized what it was. Those with mountain bikes, hybrids, or general gear heads who are proficient with shifting will not have as much of a problem. LOL

Just a tip when you are coasting downhill: tuck your knees and elbows in. Feet should be at 3 and 9 o'clock. Get low, shoulders back, flat back. This will maximize your downhill speed and help you gain momentuam. :) That said, I can't say I did much coasting... I took advantage and pedaled down each downhill.

Then the other L-O-N-G climb is the last road before you make the right on to Hogeye road to the finish. You have a pretty good downhill proceeding it, but since many of us like to take a break and coast the downhill, chances are we won't have the momentum to get to the top of this mammoth. Plus the downhill is not on real smooth road, so if it doesn't scare you to go super-fast down uneven pavement, then let it send you flying. I'm no expert, but I think the key to this one is pedaling in your fastest (hardest-to-pedal) gear on the downhill and let it help you build momentum. You'll need that momentum to help you up the long climb... at least for portion of it. Downshifting to your next lowest gear BEFORE you start to feel the burn will help save your legs. I was in my Granny gear before I got to the top. Definitely had to muscle it up and over. It looks scarier than it really is. Just keep focus and rhythm.

So my map is incorrectly identifying the hills. The second hill in on FM973, right before you make a right on to Hogeye.

Other than those two, the rest are the accepted rolling hills Austin always has. I finished the course n 1 hour and 5 minutes, but that was with 5 stops to wait on the other two riders -- there are no shoulders on the majority of this course, so riding in numbers is the only way to stay safe.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2 Points!?!

You know that last tri I did? I just learned this morning that I earned 2 USAT points for the 5th place Athena division finish; that's 2 points.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do with them... but it sounds kinda cool. LOL

I think my multisport training team gets to count them. The different teams keep track of points and clubs win money at the end of the tri season for having the most points.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Austin Danskin SheROX Bike Course

(click to see it full-size)

So this is the map of the bike course for the 2009 Austin SheROX. If all goes well this weekend, I may go out on Saturday to ride it. There are 2 large hills on the course that prove to be challenging, and not to scare anyone, but many dismount and walk over the top. Just be prepared... find some hills near you and drill, drill, drill.

From the website: The bike course is a beautiful 12-mile loop around Decker Lake, featuring rolling hills. Participants will exit the transition area and turn left along the park entrance road, then they'll exit the park and turn right onto Hog Eye Road, which will then merge with Decker Lake Road. Turning right onto Decker Lane, participants will proceed until Lindell. Participants will turn right on Lindell, which dead-ends at Blue Bluff. Participants will turn right on Blue Bluff, which then turns into Bloor. Participants will follow Bloor to the SH130 frontage road, where they will turn right. Participants will then turn right onto Highway 973. At the top of the hill, participants will turn right on Decker Lake Road, and then right at Blue Bluff, which takes them back into the park. The transition area will be on their right. Some of the bike course is completely closed to traffic, and other roads will have one full lane marked off with cones.

The good thing about this course is that it has changed since 2003 (thankfully). There was a long strip of really rough, uphill road to the FINISH. Seriously, it was like riding on the cobbles at Paris Roubiax.

Good luck... 18 days and counting! Are you ass-cited!?!

I am!!

Trek Recall

Model Year 2009

Trek 7300, 7300WSD, and 7500 bicycles manufactured from August 2008 to April 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

T-Shirts - Check it!

Check out the first round of t-shirt printing. Sorry it's taking so long, but life happens. :-)

*Update* Official Silverlake Tri Results are In!

The good news is, I finished in 1:32:58... not 1:35
(every second counts, you know?)

Finishing #435 of 467 participants sounds realllllly bad; but have to keep it in perspective.
Finished Lonestar 2:05 and some change, so this is an improvement.

Lots of room to grow; T times are much improved!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 Silverlake Tri - 400m / 10 mi / 5 K - Race Report

So here I am sporting my new team jersey. BAM is Bay Area Multisport. Not sure how I like the 2 piece gig. There are pluses and minuses to 1 vs. 2. The debate is neverending I think. LOL

I took time the night before to prep everything for race day, like a good little triathlete, so I could maximize my sleep. Transition opened at 5:30 am and I had not been there before. I think I need a Garmin. :)

There was scattered rain in the forecast, but the only way the event was going to be canceled, was if there was lightening.

Got up, got dressed, took meds, made breakfast and loaded the car. Said my "see you laters" to Darren and Cass and promptly left, leaving my breakfast behind! Doh!

I found the site, super nice! See that pic at the top! Suffice it to say this tri is definitely a do-again. :) I got myself situated and ran a little, stretch a little, and chatted a bit -- you know, just to warm-up.

I was not sure what to race, age group or Athena. I chose Athena, only because I did age group last time and figured, why not? Evidently I'm in a tough class, so I'm better registering for Athena. If you notice, I was number 5 -- usually a number reserved for the "elite" athletes!

The water was nice and warm. My swim was okay, except for getting kicked in the head by someone who it seemed swam backstroke the entire way! My adrenalin was up at the start, so breathing was hard. By the time I made it halfway I calmed down and had my rhythm going. I finished the 400 m swim in just over 13 minutes.

I quickly transitioned to the bike. I actually RAN out of the wanter and RAN out of the transition with my bike. I was super surprised because it usually takes me a while to get my legs back. the 10 mile ride took me about 35 minutes -- I don't have exact time, but my stuff said 37 minutes for the ride and that made for a 16.1 mph. Nice ride too... no hills, through a real pretty subdivision and great ride support. I was enjoying the fact I was passing riders...

At some point during the race it did rain, because when I came back in from the bike, my running shoes were a little soggy -- that was annoying. I didn't have anything but a couple sprinkles during the ride, so it surprised me my stuff was so wet.

Then the run... transition to run was pretty good. Remember, I had no breakfast at all, so by now I was feeling it. I was glad I had made a bottle of Cytomax. I don't usually do it because I'm told by several sources that sprint tri athletes carb load too much. I have enough "energy" on my body (fat), so there's really no need for carb loading or extra calories outside of breakfast and a light snack 40 minutes before the start.

My run was okay... did walk run intervals, but never let myself walk more than 60 steps and never let my heart rate go below 155. My average heart rate was 161, my max was 180. I think I finished my run in about 35 minutes, if my math is right. :) So that puts me somewhere between an 11 - 12 minute pace.

So before I left I saw some of the results: I finished number 5 in the Athena class and there were 10 in my class. I don't know what my overall position is yet. but I was in the bottom third somewhere, I bet, looking at last year's results using my finish time to gauge.

Here's some pictures -- they are scary, so browse at your own risk. No one looks good in their uglies!

Cyclists Do It Wet

Alternative Title: Julie And CoCo, Off The Beaten Path

Ok... let's get this out there because it needs to be known... meeting the girls was fabulous. I already knew that, but the sparkle added when you get to see the words spoken instead of written just makes it better. It was AWESOME to finally meet them. And I'm sorry if I broke the "company is coming to town" rule. I was completely comfortable to be my normal crass self, immediately.

So the drive down to Texas was fun... I had a list of all this stuff I had to deal with before I even got out of Tulsa... eat lunch, buy water bottles, buy extra tubes for the tires (all at Mid-Town Bicycles, which might take over from Lee's as my new fave bike shop... they were really nice!), run to the bank for work, run to the bank for me, put gas in the car, get sudafed (which has to be bought in the pharmacy here in Oklahoma now, because I guess some component of Sudafed is used to make meth), get sun screen, buy a pop, get some candy and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I listened to a lot of music... thought about listening to one of my books on my iPod (can't hardly call it a book on tape anymore), but I kept with the music.

If I have any room to complain about driving (in any state) it is this: Pick a speed and go. I hate people who go 80, then 75, then 70, then realize someone is tailing them, bump it back up to 80, lather, rinse, repeat. And if I see you coming up on me fast, I really will try to get out of your way... so give me a damn minute. Don't just whip around me. That scares the shit out of me and it should scare the shit out of you too. And if you rearend me with my bike back there and ruin it, you're buying me an even better bike, mkay? Cause I'd probably take the payout for getting my junker of a car totalled and buy a really sweet ride.

So I got to Plano later than I wanted... I had planned to be there by four, do some laps in the pool, get cleaned up and meet some the girls for dinner. I got there at about 5:45, with time to throw my bike in the room, go to the bathroom, glance around the hotel to see if the pool was indoor (for after dinner usage, it was not) and head out to meet the girls for dinner. The best laid plans....

Dinner was hilarious... loved all the girls and it was seriously like I had already met everyone. They were so welcoming and friendly and it was awesome.

I explored Addison a little (not much as I had specific directions to and from specific places and I didn't feel like getting lost) and headed on back to the hotel to hit the hay with a wakeup call called in and my alarm set for 5:45.

About midnight I hear it... splashing water. And I see it... lightning. I rolled over and went back to sleep... all night long this continues... and I kept thinking... I heard it will be over by morning, by morning, by... morn... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I looked at the clock at 5:44... my phone had already turned 5:45 and had some cryptic message that the alarm time had already passed it would ring tomorrow, but not today? Whatever... I was awake, but I was laying there in anticipation of the wake up call... that never came... so I got myself up out of bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, put my gear on... all to the steady sound of rain.

Loaded my bike... loaded myself... this would have been a good time for a checklist... because I thought I locked my keys in my car right after I had loaded my bike.... but then found them, had to go back for a towel, had to go back for my Garmin, had to go back for the directions... I drove out of the parking lot four times before I really got on the road. Checklist next time!

Arrived at the event which was the WildRide! Bike Rally. We had decided on Friday night that we were going to do the 16 mile course.

I sat in my car waiting for everyone to get there... and thought... hmmm... this is kind of crazy... it's pouring out there. But I got my bike out, aired up my tires, got dressed and went in search of the other girls... who knew it would be so hard to find them... we laughed when I called and Courtney said she was the one with the bike, next to the tree.

This is before I was totally soaked...

So we head out... and I'm not going to lie... it was wet. And a little bit scary to be riding in the wet. I've been sprinkled on, but I've never ridden in the rain... but rest assured, we didn't fall! And once we actually got out and everything reached saturation level... it was, actually, not that bad to ride in the rain. I wish I could have stopped and rung out my socks... they seems to retain the most liquid... and my jersey, the back pockets felt like they were starting to fill up.

Courtney and I somehow split from Alana and Drea, but it was great riding and talking... we were just chit chatting, comparing race schedules, talking about all things tri having a ball... when we finally look up and notice... no rally signs.anywhere, no bikers.anywhere. She thought there was a rest stop about mile 9 at an elementary school... and we rode along and found one... but it wasn't the one. So we turned around and started looking for cyclists. As we were headed back into the rain, I mentioned, I don't know whether to be pissed or laugh! How in the world did we miss.the.turn.

So we're heading back the direction we came from... and notice a line of cyclists crossing a road we had breezed on by earlier (and we almost got a car up the crack because the police officers motioned us through and the car went instead)... and we started cracking up... I tried to see a sign that said turn, but never could find it... and we saw the other two girls coming, so we had to be on the right track.

Neither of us ever figured out where we missed the turn... and it must have been marked somewhere because most of the other riders seemed to have made it... (but we did see a few other random stragglers who did the same thing we did)... but we missed the rest stop where there were apparently cookies and oranges... and I was sad to not have been involved with that.

But... we made it back... all four of us crossing the finish line... and we had to take a picture, you know? (I just noticed my eyes were closed, but hey! I'm smiling!)
And it was a good course, a couple of hills, a few gradual inclines... I'm glad we didn't do the 40 miles... especially in that weather... but now.. I don't know... for some reason, I hadn't been considering myself a real cyclist... but after that ride in the hot mess of the rain, I decided, yup, I'm a cyclist. And I didn't come all the way to Texas to pack up my bike and not do it. So I'm proud of us... we did it. And even the detour was pretty funny (after the fact).

Notes to self:
*know the route
*carry a map of the route, maybe I'll finally to listen
*if it rains, decide to play in it, it's like being a little kid again
*start thinking about that century ride I'd like to complete next year

I would say my first organized bike ride was a success!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

WildRide! 2009

Join more than 2,000 cyclists for the 6th annual WildRide! Against Cancer on May 16, 2009. The event is projected to net more than $110,000 for Richardson Regional Cancer Center, an affiliate of UT Southwestern Medical Center and home of the Lance Armstrong Shaped Beam Surgery™ program. WildRide! is the only bike ride to allow riders across the long stretch of the beautiful Lavon Lake Dam, closed all other days of the year! Enjoy rolling hills and scenic byways through small North Texas towns that open their arms to this annual event.

Oy vey! Of course the morning started with heavy rain. I prayed that we'd be such luck! There were 5 Tri Divas doing this event (including Julie who rode her bike from Oklahoma to be here! Ok, she drove...but still a rock star). At 7:45am it was still coming down (ride started at 8), so I decided to stop bitching and just get the damn thing done (how is that for positive attitude? LOL)

The Divas split up on the course and Julie and I ended up riding together. We're rolling along (at a nice pace, I must add...despite the sequel to "Waterworld" playing out in my contacts), chatting and having a good time. After awhile we realize we're in heavy traffic and there are no other cyclists around. Umm...WTF?!? Julie and I were apparently having so much fun that we completely missed our turn. The mishap only added an additional 2 miles to our total, but it was still a tad bit annoying due to the rain. We missed the rest stop (not that you really need it on a 16-mile course), but y'all know I'm all about the snacks! *stomping foot*

The ride itself was pretty good. A few rolling hills and a couple of slow climbs and a nice downhill that took my bike to 28mph...woohoo! Probably wasn't smart in the rain, but I survived. Don't tell my mom, ok?

I think all of the Divas enjoyed themselves despite the shiteous weather and meeting Julie was great! She's a very cool girl and I can't wait to see her again next month for Danskin! I must give a shoutout to Alana (Super Mom of Multiples!) for completing her first event of the year! As if birthin' twin boys isn't impressive enough, the girl is still a cycling machine. I also have to give love to Drea. She's totally embraced cycling and her enthusiasm is contagious. Congrats on finishing your first organized ride!

Wet and smiley after the ride...Julie, Drea, Court, Alana (I always feel like freakin' Gulliver in group shots..LOL)

One for pinot grigio, One for tequila. Gatorade is for rookies!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calming Swim Fears

Calming Your Swim Fears
Kelly Handel
Professional Triathlete
Consultant, Source Endurance

If you have committed to doing your first triathlon this year, first of all, congratulations on getting started! That is the first step and often the hardest part. As the summer approaches and temperatures rise in Austin, there is no better way to complement the day than cooling off with a swim. While this is often times the most ‘feared’ discipline of all, it is nothing to be afraid of and hopefully something you can even come to enjoy. Here are a few tips for getting you off on the right foot for a successful race.

Scout out the course. Try to arrive early enough to the transition area to set your things up and get to the swim start with time to spare. This means, maybe wander over there 20-30 minutes prior to your wave start time. Look at the course, and ask questions of volunteers or even the race director if you can find him/her. Be sure you know which direction to go and you can see all of the turn buoys (if possible) from the beach. A very good tip is: Start off to the side or the back if you are intimidated. So, if the first turn is to the left around the first buoy, aim to start to the right side of the swim pack you are starting with. Picture this: Everyone will merge to that point and make the turn, so you do not want to be on the ‘inside’ and get pushed off course. While you may swim slightly further starting to the outside, you will not get pummeled by all of the other swimmers. It will feel safer and less hectic in the mix of things.

Count the buoys. Again, do not hesitate to ask questions! Some race directors will make the turn buoys different colors. Maybe the ‘marker’ buoys are orange, and the turn buoys are yellow. Know the course as well as you can from looking at it, and if you know how many buoys you are going to pass, you can count them off as you go.

Sight often. This cannot be underestimated! Hopefully you have practiced ‘how to’ sight, but all you really need to do is lift the eyes to just above the surface of the water. You may even be able to work this into your strokes, if you practice it enough. Starting out, try to sight every 3-5 strokes. But remember, this does not entail ‘stopping’, but more so simply lifting your eyes above the surface, glancing ahead for the NEXT buoy and continuing to swim. Keep the sighting quick, efficient and frequent.

Trust yourself. You may find that you settle into a small ‘pack’ of others, which is a great place to be. But, do not let them lead the way entirely. They may be going fast, but they may also be going off course. Be sure even if you find yourself swimming in a pack that you are sighting often to be sure that you are on course.

Stop and tread water (or swim on your back) if you panic. This is VERY important for beginners to know! It is just fine to stop and catch your breath if you need to. The swim start can be a bit stressful and hectic, as there is a lot of splashing, kicking and arms and legs flying. This will clear out a bit, as people begin to fall into their own paces. If you find at any point you begin to feel short of breath, stop and tread water, or even flip onto your back and do some strokes here. It is important to relax, catch your breath and then continue on. There is nothing wrong with a short break, especially if this is your first triathlon (or even your first year of triathlons).

Practice in open water prior to race day. We are blessed in Austin with so many great swimming holes. You will feel much better on race day if you know you have ‘experienced’ open water at least a couple of times before you race. Make it a goal to go to Barton Springs, or perhaps the Pure Austin North quarry, a couple of times the month leading up to your event. It is a different experience than swimming in a pool; but think of it as fun. There are no lanes, no walls and no clocks; just you and the water! If you think your race may be wetsuit-legal, be sure to practice a few times in the wetsuit you may race in. Sleeveless suits are nice for added mobility and a more natural swim stroke; and they will still keep you very warm.

Relax and be confident in yourself! This is so important. We all have self-doubts, but come race day, try to find a minute before you start to quiet your mind and focus on what you are there to do. You are in control of your race. Things may happen, but remember that you know how to swim, you have trained for this day and you can control what happens. Self-talk can come in very handy, especially in the swim! Find a ‘mantra’ that works for you, and carry this through your race. Remember to smile; this is fun stuff, and the more you do, the easier it will get. After all, everyone is in it together!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A First-Timers Video - Danskin 2007

Nichole Nordeman, Jay Joyce

The gate is wide
The road is paved in moderation
The crowd is kind and quick to pull you in
Welcome to the middle ground
You're safe and sound and
Until now it's where I've been

'Cause it's been fear that ties me down to everything
But it's been love, Your love, that cuts the strings

So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave

I am small
And I speak when I'm spoken to
But I am willing to risk it all
I say Your name
Just Your name and I'm ready to jump
Even ready to fall...

Why did I take this vow of compromise?
Why did I try to keep it all inside?

So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave

I've never known a fire that didn't begin with a flame
Every storm will start with just a drop of rain
But if you believe in me
That changes everything
So long, I'm gone

So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
I wanna be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kickin' & Screamin'

Seriously, yesterday just sucked. All the way around. I was crabby and had no patience. It started from the moment I woke up and continued throughout the day. Just one annoying thing after another.

Truthfully, in the big picture, none of it was big stuff. Just irritating.

For those of you who don't believe I struggle with getting to the gym and being a domestic goddess, yesterday was one of those days. I knew there was stuff (laundry!) that had to get done at home. I was afraid if I went home after the gym I would just call it a night, and there the laundry would sit.

In the end, I put my body first and packed up to go to the gym right after work. Good choice, right?

So remember how happy I was about the practice tri? Well, I was quickly deflated when I got my official time yesterday -- overall the cumulative time was better than I thought (1:30:28) Just 29 seconds outside of my goal. That was the good news, but what I learned next was horrifying to my training effort:

Evidently I must have slowed my jogging pace so much that they had my run time down as 48:24.



Right before I left work I got more news that just irritated me so much... I guess I just needed to be mad for a little while. I simply don't understand how that time could be? Seriously, that would be like jogging 3.7 mph... or so. How can you even jog that slow? My hope is that it was an error... this was not a chip timed event. But regardless, I guess I have to step up the running even more. *shrug*

Not wanting to be there and feeling so bummed, I get to the gym... get changed. No goggles. No cap. No swimming without because they just shocked the pool. I was ticked. I felt like I couldn't buy a break today.

I left, picked up Cass and headed home. While domestic goddessing I was quickly losing my motivation to go swim later on; the terms on which I had bargained with my brain when I left the gym earlier. Darren came home and I vented about the day and eventually I did make it back to the gym, so that's a small victory.

Gotta have the bad days to appreciate the good I guess. I hope my brick training today goes more smoothly.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pearland Y Practice Sprint Tri

After taking the Tour de Pearland to find the Y -- seriously we drove around the entire city we made it, we finally found the facility. We learned it is always prudent to verify directions before leaving. LOL

This sprint tri was a practice tri the Y sponsored to which they invited members of Bay Area Multisport to participate. It was a 300 m swim, 9 mile bike and 5k. Maybe there were 40 people there, tops. You had the option of the long or short course. Elysha and I did the long. It was nice, casual and very un-intimidating.

The swim was in a pool. They seed you by swim time for 300 m. I told them 10 minutes, but the last time I timed myself it was 8:30... I just never did a pool tri before so I gave myself some extra time. The guy ahead of me was slow, then fast, then slow, then fast again... it was annoying because either I was on his feet or he was on mine. Guess it goes with the fun .

I exited the pool and had a little issue with my sunglasses getting knotted in my helmet. Some chick was screaming, "you don't need shirts... you don't socks". I'm over the shirt thing, but I still need socks, lady.

Anyway, after a fabulous rolling mount (I even surprised myself and don't think I could do it again) the bike course offered a headwind heading out on the loop and tailwind on the way back, so that was nice. I tried to stay as aerodynamic in form as I could to take advantage of the wind. I think I hit a highspeed of 20.5 on the ride. averaged about 16 mph, I think. Pretty good for me.

The run. I was dreading this. Earlier I felt some twinges in my knee and back. Before I left I stretched on the foam roller and stretched some more after I got there. My back felt pretty tight and hurt just a little this morning; enough to make me wonder how things were going to go.

I started running and I was feeling good. I realized I had run the first mile straight and not a peep out of my back... Not only that, but I had not taken a walking break! It seemed I found a rhythm... although slow, it worked for me. Before I knew it I had run the 2nd mile without a walking break either... I was determined now to run the last mile. Which I did. :) Soooooo happy for me. Plus, my back didn't bother me at all on this run -- I mean it feels tighter than leather pants on Cher, post-race, but it did not hurt on the run the way it did on the treadmill on Friday night.

My goal going in was to finish in 90 minutes or less. I think I finished in 91, according to my watch.

Where to improve:
  • Always use the checklist
  • Verify directions to race site!
  • Continue to train, because it's working -- Imagine that!
  • Get some Yankz.
  • Don't forget towel to dry feet! Had soggy feet in my cycling shoes... had to take socks off for the run.
  • Unlock helmet strap and place upside down on handlebars.
What was good:
  • Best 5K ever; consisten running, no walking breaks.