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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Austin Danskin SheROX Bike Course

(click to see it full-size)

So this is the map of the bike course for the 2009 Austin SheROX. If all goes well this weekend, I may go out on Saturday to ride it. There are 2 large hills on the course that prove to be challenging, and not to scare anyone, but many dismount and walk over the top. Just be prepared... find some hills near you and drill, drill, drill.

From the website: The bike course is a beautiful 12-mile loop around Decker Lake, featuring rolling hills. Participants will exit the transition area and turn left along the park entrance road, then they'll exit the park and turn right onto Hog Eye Road, which will then merge with Decker Lake Road. Turning right onto Decker Lane, participants will proceed until Lindell. Participants will turn right on Lindell, which dead-ends at Blue Bluff. Participants will turn right on Blue Bluff, which then turns into Bloor. Participants will follow Bloor to the SH130 frontage road, where they will turn right. Participants will then turn right onto Highway 973. At the top of the hill, participants will turn right on Decker Lake Road, and then right at Blue Bluff, which takes them back into the park. The transition area will be on their right. Some of the bike course is completely closed to traffic, and other roads will have one full lane marked off with cones.

The good thing about this course is that it has changed since 2003 (thankfully). There was a long strip of really rough, uphill road to the FINISH. Seriously, it was like riding on the cobbles at Paris Roubiax.

Good luck... 18 days and counting! Are you ass-cited!?!

I am!!


Courtney said...

Bring on the bike course. I've been a cycling fool the last few months. If I survive the swim, I'm gonna tear up the bike course! LOL

Julie said...

do we need to bring a map, Courtney????

If we miss a turn in a tri, well... I'd be dumbstruck if we did that...

Courtney said...

LOL I think we'll be ok! I didn't get lost last year...almost got distracted by the cornfields on the bike course (not something we see in Dallas...haha), but I FOCUSED! It will be too damn hot for us to talk, so we should have our game faces on the entire time. ;)

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