Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spin, baby, SPIN!

Completed my first Spin class [in six years]. I have the saddle bruises to prove it. lol

It was a great class. I came out of there sweaty and invigorated...and HUNGRY. My couch looked like a good snack at 9 last night. I'm gonna have to work on that. I think maybe I'll buy some protein powder and make a shake for after. For before, I'll try to remember to grab dinner at 5.

In other news, anyone heard of CarboRocket? I'm tempted to buy some. Anyone want to split a flavor(s)?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another great find... :) My boss Tim and co-worker Tif use it all the time to generate workouts. It's free and it's pretty darn cool :) If you're looking for something a little different, try it out! You can also save favorites :)

Happy swimming!!! :)

"Da Fish"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

GREAT find...

Ok, so I'm normally not the type to throw out free advertising, but I found the most AWESOME line of products --- They are called "TriSwim" and I got them on

I got shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Normally even with the other anti-chlorine products I've used, there's still that lingering smell in my hair, on my skin, etc... This stuff got rid of ALL the hint of chlorine... It was pricey, but you don't have to use a lot... it was worth EVERY PENNY :)

Plug over ;>

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming

Got in the pool like a good girl today and swam for about an hour. I did a few 150yd sets to warm up, then I was doing "windsprints".... basically I swam as fast and hard as I could across the pool then did a 30 sec cool down... then I started shortening the cool downs.... Then I did some work with the kickboard (I have a sloppy kick!) and then did several 150s.... I wish I had a lap counter because I can't remember everything I did... Either that or I'll PLAN the workouts ahead of actually getting in the pool and following it *lol*

Felt darn good and helped loosen me up from the bike. I'm achy and I'm not sure if it's a) because of my Fibro, b) because I fell, c) because I biked 20mi yesterday, d) because I swam for an hour today, or e) all of the freaking above.

I'm guessing E.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tour de Houston

Great ride... better than I expected. Great company -- thanks *E* and Linda! Near perfect weather. A little windy, but bearable. The tour takes you through different areas of Houston (some of which I'd never seen. There were some very pretty spots. Overall an enjoyable ride... except for the lack of coordinated traffic control at the lights.

39.8 miles
13.5 average
High Speed: 28 mph
Average HR 141

And now for pix...

The Start line

Just some scenery

Houston looks kinda nice from here

End of ride... *E* and I

War Wounds

Well, I had my first (and hopefully last) fall of the season on the bike trail today.... I'm sporting a few emerging bruises, so they should be REALLY purty tomorrow :( I did about 20 miles on the bike today, with my cleats on in hellish winds (almost as bad as at last year's tri!) so I'm pretty proud of myself. The fall was rather odd... it was a controlled fall. I was pulling off into the grass (which is pretty smooshy turf thanks to the snow-covered winter) and I didn't clip out in time and so the only way for me to avoid hitting the tree in front of me was to just fall over like a tipped cow, bike and all.... so I did....

Bruise #1 that emerged right away and is now turning into a welt (think I should go ice it...) is on my arm, if you touch the tip of my pinky and trace down my arm it's about a foot down.... if that makes sense... It's from my arm colliding with the tip of my handlebar... Bruise #2 is on the inside of my left knee, probably from hitting the bike seat or something....

Speaking of which... the new saddle is WAY different... I'm not 100% digging it yet, but I think it'll be better with my shorts (I was wearing my capri lengths). It's better than the other saddle, but just very different, so it's going to take a little getting used to.

Tomorrow morning if it's not too cold in the morning I'm going to bike to work, swim, bike home at lunch and then drive back after lunch... We'll see if the weather cooperates. I have fall/early spring gear, but NOT winter gear ;>

Happy Training everyone!!!!

In Love....

.... with the Trek 1.2T 2009 model. I haven't purchased it yet, but I got to "test ride" yesterday and it was awesome. Brandon, the bike shop guru, measured me and got me fitted up for the bike. I need a 54cm for my 6ft tall self. He got the seat height correct right off the bat. He showed me how to use the shifters and everything, then I headed out to the test track (a next door Taco Bell parking lot). I think I will take to the bike pretty easily. Hopefully I can purchase in the next few weeks.

I'm head to the gym to lift. It's leg day, so I should be ready for the pool when I go this evening.

75 days to go.... anyone else as freaked out as I am? Heeeheeeheee

Let's go Tri Divas!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Got beat up by my massage therapist today... she's small and unassuming looking, but when she digs into the fibro I end up hurting before healing....

Was hoping to get out on the trail today cuz it was so beautiful, but it didn't happen... So I'm heading out tomorrow come hell or high water. Jake got a new saddle and Crank Bros pedals to go with my cleats, so I'm anxious to see how it makes a difference.

Monday morning, it's back in the pool. No excuses!

Run then Ride... Saturday

A backwards brick... LOL

Ran 5K: 12:30 pace
Spin Class: 55 minutes
2830 Calories burned

Off to pick-up my packet for the Tour de Houston then BBQ tonight in celebration of Darren's Birthday!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Cycling and Bug Swallowin'

Today's ride was fantastic (for calorie burn), but the wind made it a tad bit miserable and I swallowed a bug. Mandatory positives: I did 22 miles and maybe the bug has fat-eating powers and I'll be at goal weight on Sunday. Hey, it can happen!

Tomorrow's plan is a group ride with RBM.

Hope you all have a great weekend...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What would you tell cancer?

Do you read Fat Cyclist? Today, you should. He's funny. He's a cyclist (which we all know I will never be). He's inspirational. His wife has cancer.

Today, he posted an entry that has me crying.

I’d be willing to trade or negotiate. If I could beg for that truce, in fact, I would. “You’ve proven your point. If we agree that you’re the winner, will you stop now? Or if you still want something else, can you take it from me instead?” I honestly can’t think of many limits of what I’d trade.

This is what I say to cancer

Cancer is a part of my life.

Cancer is a part of my life because I work in a hospital devoted to cancer research. I see patients and families on the skybridges, in the hallways, in the waiting areas, and in the dining areas. I see the spectrum of emotions. The fear, the determination, the joy. Through it all, I see an amazing amount of hope and optimism.

Cancer is a part of my life because my stepdad and my uncle are survivors. They beat the odds.

Cancer is a part of my life because my father's mother and my mother's father lost their battles with cancer. They are lost to me.

Cancer is a part of my life because I choose to fight it the only way I can. I swim. I bike. I run (ok, I walk).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still Slacking

Ok, so I'm really behind on my training.... but I did manage to clock 3 hours and almost 30 miles on the bike on Sunday. It was windy as all hell, and the trail was crowded... packed actually.... so it was hard to keep a steady pace... it was also hard trying o build up the necessary momentum for the evil bridge and the hill from hell (Lesli - you probably know them well...) so it was embarrassing how slow it was.... but I managed to burn 3300 calories in those 3 hours, so I'm proud of myself.... and I found that all my bike muscles still work *LOL*

I'm gonna drop Jake off at Campbell Street Bike Shop (the coolest bike shop I know, with the coolest owners!) for his annual check-up and to get new pedals that I can use with my cleats... that should make the hills a little easier. They are cool because they have a full platform, so I can ride with or without my cycling shoes. I also have to see about getting a new bike seat... Comfort seat, my arse!!!! No matter how I tweaked the position of it, it is just too darn wide... never thought I'd say that! So I'll have to see what I can find that won't break the bank :)

As for Ferris, he's downstairs in the basement with his training tire on the back. He and I are gonna have a little spin this afternoon/evening since the weather is gonna be lousy.

Still hate the treadmill, but I also hate the idea of jogging out in the real world where everyone and their brother can see the girls suffer. And I don't need "EARTHQUAKE" comments from buttheads in passing cars either.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Week Ago *edit*

I swam a full mile. Tonight, I plan to do the same. Hopefully, I won't need to crawl out of the pool this time.

FYI, I updated the post about the swim times. The link to the US Masters TopTen Search is now there.

7:35pm - I walked 3 miles instead of swimming 1. I just could not convince myself that getting in the pool was a good idea. It's good that I did walk. I have improved since my last open air walk (as opposed to a Leslie Sansone tape) 10 minutes.

Swim Coach Meet-up

Last night I met with the swim coach! I learned sooooo much, which is good. But now I have to break some habits and have a lot to practice. We fixed a few things with my technique, but she was impressed I learned so much from You Tube videos. She said I had great head position, "roll" and "reach"

I hold my breath while I swim. I never knew I was supposed to blow bubbles out through my mouth while swimming! I would just take a breath and hold it until the next breath. Last Summer, when Cassie took swim lessons, they did a lot of that bubble blowing. The thought crossed my mind there, if that's what I was supposed to do to. Go figure. The coach said it's a good idea to do drills where you inhale and release (at a slow pace) to get used to it.

The coach also did the Lonestar Tri before and she said the water is "breath-taking-ly cold", in that it will literally take your breath away if you're not prepared. She highly recommends a wet suit. She said the majority of the folks at that race wear the wetsuit. *E* if you're reading this, you're 100% right to wear yours! Coach also recommends going to their seminar the night before, to get a peak at the course and touch the water.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Swim Speed *updated*


In answer to your question: yes, your times are probably exactly right. Here are the top ten swimmers -- SCY (short course yard) for females 40-44, 35-39, 30-34 in 2002.

US Masters Search

Sunday Night Training

3.1 in 36:00 (I suck, but my sneakers felt good; we'll see tomorrow)

400 in 8:37 (8 laps - back & Forth)
300 in 6:25 (6 laps - back & Forth)
Practiced some Flip-turns.

Leslie/Jenn (aka the "Fish") is it possible that I'm really doing these times? I'm in a 25m pool. Or am I supposed to be doubling the distance!?! LOL

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Brick

Met up with *E* at 24 for Swim then spin this morning.

Did 2 x 300 (finished each 300 in just over 8 minutes) and then right to spin.

Also discovered the lap counter on my Polar. LOL

I feel pretty good.

I like the new kixx so far.

It's really crappy weather, but hopefully I will get to ride in the gloom tomorrow... just so long as it doesn't rain.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Danskin Tri Newsletter

The Gear You Need

You've made the decision. Triathlon here I come! Let's make sure you've got the gear to make it happen.

If you have never done a triathlon before, figuring out what you need can be overwhelming. We'll sort it out for you and let you know what you NEED to have, and what's NICE to have.

Following are some suggestions for consideration for both training and racing.

The gear needed for the swim is basic, but you should consider going to a specialty swimming store for help. Purchase a good swimsuit, one that fits comfortably and will stay in place for your workouts. Look for goggles that fit properly. You don't want to be worrying about your goggles in the middle of your workouts or more importantly, in the middle of your race. You will also need a swim cap for training, but you will be provided with a swim cap for the race that you must wear to ensure that you start in the correct wave. Optional training items include flippers/fins, pull buoys, hand paddles and kickboards. These items may help you with swim training drills. Most pools have these available on site and will let you "borrow" them, so you might want to check what your pool has before you purchase any of these optional items

A triathlon can be completed on any type of bike, so an expensive triathlon-specific bike is not necessary. You can do the race on a mountain bike, hybrid, road bike or triathlon bike. If you choose to use a mountain bike you may want to consider swapping the tires out for "skinnier" ones; talk to a bike shop about how to do that. You will be required to wear a helmet on race day, and you should always wear one whenever you ride. Look for a helmet that meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), fits properly and comfortably. You may want to ask the staff at a bike shop to help you with finding the proper fit. A pair of shorts with some comfortable padding is helpful when spending lots of time on the bike. If you are new to the world of triathlon it is a good idea to look at all of the cycling equipment that is available and take time to decide what is right for you. You may want to consider options like clipless pedals, bike shoes and aerobars which are not necessary, but will help improve your performance. There are many options and and it may take a few races before you figure out how deeply you want to delve into the sport. Cycling equipment is generally where you'll spend the greatest percentage of your triathlon budget, so talk to a specialty retailer about bike equipment before you make the investment.

For the run, a quality pair of running shoes is critical. That may be obvious, but many people think it's ok to use cross-training, trail running or walking shoes for running on roads while training. Before starting your run training, it is a good idea to visit a running specialty store. Logging miles in a pair of sneakers that fit improperly can affect the rest of your body in a negative way, and lead to injury. Proper fitting, comfortable running clothes - breathable socks, non-chafing shorts and a supportive bra top help to make your workouts more pleasurable as well. If you run outside during the winter months in a colder climate, you'll want to consider long-sleeved, wicking shirts and jackets, tights or sweat pants, a hat and gloves.

Other items that are useful but not essential include: sunglasses (great for keeping foreign objects out of your eyes on the bike and run, and protecting your eyes from the sun's rays), reflective wear (helpful when running if the only time you can train is when it's dark), some sort of identification in case of accident, Bodyglide to prevent chafing and blisters, and water bottles/hydration systems to ensure proper hydration

As you move forward in your training, you'll begin to figure out what works and what does not. There are no hard and fast rules regarding triathlon equipment, just a lot of trial and error.

Get Psyched! Training Your Mind for Triathlons by Mitchell Greene

Finding Your Purpose
Imagine it's the morning after your Danskin Triathlon. Your tri bag has yet to be unpacked, and despite a long hot shower, in the mirror the faint outlines of body markings are still visible on your arm and calf. You awaken curious to see yesterday's race results. Sitting at your kitchen table, you go on-line and find your name. Scanning the pages of results, you finally locate your swim, T1, bike, T2, run and final chip times. You take note of your age group ranking, and quickly peek at how close (or far away) you were from being first or last. Okay, now what?
Your Danskin race may be a long way off, but now is the time to consider what will leave you with a lasting feeling that this triathlon experience was a worthwhile endeavor and a personal success. Will split times determine your triumph, or are there other, broader ways to mark your achievement? For some, success is tied to goals such as meeting new people, reshaping your body, surviving the swim, not crashing your bike, never walking during the run, or simply . . . finishing. Clarifying your training and racing goals is a great way to sustain motivation and enhance focus, particularly when the going gets tough.

But, to help make your Danskin triathlon truly an enduring positive experience, consider this time-honored advice: Some athletes get so caught up in trying to reach their goals that they confuse the purpose of participation with the goals of participation. In other words, they lose sight of the journey while becoming consumed by their destination. By purpose, I am referring to that inner sense of vitality, excitement, and connectedness you experience as you train your body to perform at its best. It's that indestructible feeling you get when everything clicks during a tough workout, and includes the jittery excitement you may have felt when you finally registered for this race. You can't muster those feelings sitting and doing nothing on the couch, and ultimately I believe we do triathlons to have those experiences-to feel fully alive. That's why I ask the athletes I work with to "clarify their purpose" at the same time they set their racing goals. Some athletes post on their calendars, alongside their workout goals, reminders that signal their awareness that it's great just to be "in the game." I want them to soak in all that they are learning-good and bad-as they move forward. My hope is that once you have finished your Danskin Triathlon, have checked your results, and finally put your finisher's medal in your top drawer, you can continue to look back on this journey and regain a sense of being in the game and truly living life.

Dr. Mitchell Greene is the sport psychology consultant to the Danskin Triathlon series and the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon. If you would like to contact Dr. Greene directly or consult with him on your training, he can be reached at or at 610-975-9435, x11

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Multisport: A New Definition

Swim, Bike, Run...Feed, Burp, Change

I decided it was time to take a break from kiddies and post an entry! As most of you know, I had my precious twin boys on January 31st. Things have been challenging, but I'm a tough cookie. I have new respect for all Moms...especially Mommies of Multiples. :)

I can officially start training next week and I can't wait! I'm ready to get back into the gym, on the bike, in the pool. I am looking forward to building up my endurance and getting prepared for the triathlon. I have lost 38 of the 52 lbs that I gained while pregnant with The Wonder Twins, so I'm pretty pleased. The rest of it will hopefully drop once I can get back to training.

Next month I'll be doing the Fort Worth Zoo Run Run and possibly the WildRide in May. I'll be back soon to post my training schedule.

Keep working hard, girls!

Leslie - Your Question

Leslie, to answer your question about lifting...

First, I always start with lifting and do cardio second. When I do my lifting, I go for 8 to 10 really hard reps and do circuit training, so I'm never sitting around "resting" I try to keep my heart rate above 140. To help achieve that I I alternate body parts for peripheral calorie burn; make the blood go from my upper body to lower body, for instance...

I'll do a set on the lat pull down machine, and follow it immediately with weighted travel lunges, moving the blood from my shoulders/back to my legs. I create a plan ahead of time that maximizes that transfer.

I never work the same body parts 2 days in a row, either.

My plans usually consist of 5 circuits. For instance:

Barbell Squats & Push-ups
Lat Pull Down & Prisoner Squats
Cable Row & Knee-tucks on the bench
Leg Press & Traveling lunges
Stiff Legged Dead Lifts & Seated Leg Curls
Lateral Raises & Single-Leg Squats
Dumbbell Shoulder Press & Weighted Step-ups

Land's End AquaTerra Tank Review

Okay, I received the Land's End Aqua Terra Tank yesterday. First, I ordered an 18W, when I probably should have ordered a 16W. I wear in XL/16-18 top in Misses, but was afraid to order the Misses size and have it be too small about my hips. It is available in both misses and plus sizes.

First, the bra. I have C/D cups -- this was a full-cut, full all-around, lightly padded shelf bra. Full d's and even dd's would be thrilled! The 3" band of elastic kept the bra in place and it was comfortable on. I could tell that if I had enough to fill it, it would have provided good (not awesome) support. If I adjusted the girls they would stay in place, but eventually would be pointing south -- but I really think it was because the bra was too big for me. I need the 18 misses or 16W.

The material was very nice. High quality, very smooth lycra and sewn together so it was "seamless", like good quality bike shorts. Very, very comfortable to wear.

The shape is very flattering on... it's not square, nor is it too snug -- it's cut for a curvy figure, so it made my hips happy!

For me, I have a lot of lose skin on my stomach area, so anything snug tends to be not-so-flattering (i.e. cottage cheese). This was not snug. The fit was just right, even a little lose through the midriff area... again, I probably needed the smaller size, but I'm just so used to tech apparel not fitting right, that I tend to buy too big!

Overall, I think this garment is "Athena-friendly" and great for a tri. If you're a real runner though, be sure to checkout the size charts and make sure you get the right fit for your chest.

Oh, and they're on sale right now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Plans

Today I'll hit the gym with lifting and swimming. I think something clicked with me and swimming and I realize I don't so much dread getting in the pool anymore. Much like running, once you start, you see progress quickly -- I need that to keep my interest and motivation up. Truly, it is more of a pain to drag all the stuff along, get changed, dry off and leave with wet hair, etc.!

But then the question is... Deal with the p-i-t-a.... or have good health. ;-)

26 days until the Lonestar Tri (and I'm actually excited)
44 days until the MS150
88 days until the Danskin

The gym plan this week (I was "off" on Monday):
TUE: Lift & Swim
WED: Lift & Run
THU: Bike (gym, road or spin?)
FRI: Swim
SAT: Bike (Road) & Run
SUN: Swim/Bike (?)

Monday, March 9, 2009


I broke down and bought road tires for my mountain bike. As in, no tread. As in, I'm afraid of the damn things. The guy at Bike Barn said I'm not going to fall...unless it rains [Houston's yearly rainfall average? 54 in]...and I don't stay in a straight line [news flash: I can't DRAW a straight line]

Have I mentioned I hate the bike? No? Sit down. pull up a chair. Let me count the ways....

In other news, I swam a terrible 500 x 2 last night. That's what happens when I don't go to the gym for a week. Last night was the end of the funny business though. I have no excuses. There's only 89 days left!

I've been considering the Lonestar Tri -- GO DONNA GO!! -- but can't make myself commit. With only 27 days and nowhere near enough training in, I just do NOT trust myself.

I think this year's training is a reality check for me. I'm not sure what reality I'm supposed to be recognizing or what the eventual outcome will be...but there's something about training this year.

See Donna Swim.

Swam again last night :)

100 x 4
50 x 6
25 x 6

250 x 1 <-- not sure why I stopped before 300!!

Working on the real Week 2 this week. I need an express plan!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


So, I'm totally stoked about my baby bro John roadtripping down to the Austin Tri :) He's already told me that he will be cheerleader, photographer, videographer, and water boy *LOL* It's gonna be so fun. He's even offered to do most of the driving, which will especially come in handy on Sunday after the adrenaline rush wears off!

I booked a La Quinta near Tulsa, OK for Thursday and Sunday Nights, and we'll be with the girls at the Hyatt Arboretum Friday and Saturday Nights :)


Umm.... now to get to the training.... *blush*

27 Days and Counting...

I took long enough to make a decision, but have decided to go through with the sprint distance in the Lonestar Tri Festival.

  1. It will be good practice for the Danskin
  2. It is local, Local, LOCAL (as in 6 exits from my house)
  3. the venue is nice... Moody Gardens Beach for the swim, general Moody Gardens area for the run and the Galveston Island Sea Wall for the the Bike. :)
  4. I'm nuts.... it's the day before the Space Race, so why the heck not?!?
  5. That swim coach I met says it's one of the best run events in the area
  6. Has the best swag-bags around. :)
  7. Recruited *E* to do it too... maybe we'll get to meet sometime before then. LOL
So it's .3 mile swim, 12.5 mile bike and 5K run.

So, that's that.

Darren is on a surprise 40th birthday kayaking trip this weekend, so it has been just me and Cassafrass. Since I couldn't ride with my team, I brought her with me to the gym yesterday and took spin class, then rushed to the pool. I stayed until I did 1600 meters. After that we spent the rest of the day at the Zoo... we both slept well last night.

Today we've been running errands, etc... not much else but that and laundry. Cass wants to ride her bike later, so we'll probably do that, at the least. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Keep Swimming...

My plan for this morning was a hike after my Weight Watchers meeting, but I switched gears (i.e. came to my senses) and headed for the pool instead. I did the Week 1 workout of the Zero To 1650 program. I'm pleased that I got some pool it's time to put in serious work. Great workout...not too keen on the ravenous appetite that follows. At least there's a bit of science behind my morph into Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Anyway, I hope to do another couple of sessions of Week 1 over the next few days. I'm also going to take full advantage of the warmer weather (and the fact that I leave the office by 3pm) and rack up some outdoor cycling miles.

I hope everyone has a great weekend...Happy Training!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lands End Tri Suit????

I know it's not known as an athletic brand, but I don't think any one would argue that their stuff is of very good quality. I get my swimsuits there because they are flattering and appropriately modest for a day of pool play with my kid (i.e. body parts are covered and nothing falling out!)

This morning I stumbled across their Aqua Terra line. They offer regular and plus sizes in all of them! and I bet these pieces could work for a tri.

I'm ordering the Aqua Terra High Neck Swim Top TODAY. My hope is that the support is as good as it is in my other swim pieces for them. If so, I will be thrilled!

Hope this helps someone.

Peace ∙ Love ∙ Tri

In Humor Comes Truth

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What??? Wednesday Swimming? Yep!

So I just got back from the gym... I swam today! I modified the week 1 workout... just added a round or two of everything, just to get more time in the water. 850 yrds girlie-girls!

Swam 100 yards, and then rest for 12 breaths.
Repeated 4 times. (400 yrds total)

Swam swim 50 yards, and then rest for 8 breaths.
Repeated 6 times. (300 yrds total)

Next, they swim 25 yards, and then rest for 4 breaths.
Repeated 6 times. (150 yrds total)

But then I had a stroke of luck... no pun intended.

There was this swim coach there, teaching this young boy to swim. We got to talking a bit.... she's been a swimmer all her life. She can "coach" for $20 / 30 minutes. I found out she travels for swim events, does both duathlons and triathlons, etc. Just did some shore-to-shore swim in the Chesapeake. Anyway, she' said she'd love to help me. She also said that for someone who was self-taught, that I'm "not bad at all.". She thinks just a couple sessions could tweak me enough for improvement. It's kinda motivating, you know?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Swimming

Today I completed the Week 1 Swimming training plan Leslie gave me. I was pretty surprised I did okay... or should I say, I got through it. I wasn't a rock-star or anything, but I did get through it. I will try to get this in a couple more times this week, and start week 2 next Sunday. :)

Week One Workout:
For week one, the swimmer swims a total of 700 yards. (I did 750)

To begin, they swim 100 yards, and then rest for 12 breaths.
Repeat this three times. (400 yrds total)

Next, they swim 50 yards, and then rest for 8 breaths.
Repeat this three times. (200 yrds total)

Next, they swim 25 yards, and then rest for 4 breaths.
Repeat this three (4) times. (150 yrds total)

Build Your Own Bar...

and protein shakes! A bit costly, but it may be worth it if you have food allergies/digestive issues with store products.



Danskin SheROX is 14 weeks from today. I have yet to get in the pool. Surprised? If so, then you obviously weren't reading my diary during tri prep last year (ha). I just flat out don't like the swim. I don't have a fear of water...I'm just not in love with swim training. I don't understand it. I looooooooooved swimming as a child and I had no problem getting my swim on at Trunk Bay in USVI. Laps at the good ol' 24 Hour Fitness pool? Booooo!

So...the main goal for March is to get in some decent swim time. I've decided that I'm not trying to smash last year's time. It took me 29 minutes to swim the 880 yards. That is absolutely craptastic compared to some of the seasoned tri blogs that I read, but at Danskin, it was basically in the middle of the pack. The elites finished in 7 nanoseconds and some of the slower folks spent 45-50 minutes in the water. My goal for this year is 22 minutes or less. I've accepted the fact that my swim will remain slow...and that's why I'm training to have better times on the bike and the run. I'll also spend less than 20 minutes in transition and save the photo ops for the end of the course. teehee.

Happy Training,