Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What??? Wednesday Swimming? Yep!

So I just got back from the gym... I swam today! I modified the week 1 workout... just added a round or two of everything, just to get more time in the water. 850 yrds girlie-girls!

Swam 100 yards, and then rest for 12 breaths.
Repeated 4 times. (400 yrds total)

Swam swim 50 yards, and then rest for 8 breaths.
Repeated 6 times. (300 yrds total)

Next, they swim 25 yards, and then rest for 4 breaths.
Repeated 6 times. (150 yrds total)

But then I had a stroke of luck... no pun intended.

There was this swim coach there, teaching this young boy to swim. We got to talking a bit.... she's been a swimmer all her life. She can "coach" for $20 / 30 minutes. I found out she travels for swim events, does both duathlons and triathlons, etc. Just did some shore-to-shore swim in the Chesapeake. Anyway, she' said she'd love to help me. She also said that for someone who was self-taught, that I'm "not bad at all.". She thinks just a couple sessions could tweak me enough for improvement. It's kinda motivating, you know?