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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still Slacking

Ok, so I'm really behind on my training.... but I did manage to clock 3 hours and almost 30 miles on the bike on Sunday. It was windy as all hell, and the trail was crowded... packed actually.... so it was hard to keep a steady pace... it was also hard trying o build up the necessary momentum for the evil bridge and the hill from hell (Lesli - you probably know them well...) so it was embarrassing how slow it was.... but I managed to burn 3300 calories in those 3 hours, so I'm proud of myself.... and I found that all my bike muscles still work *LOL*

I'm gonna drop Jake off at Campbell Street Bike Shop (the coolest bike shop I know, with the coolest owners!) for his annual check-up and to get new pedals that I can use with my cleats... that should make the hills a little easier. They are cool because they have a full platform, so I can ride with or without my cycling shoes. I also have to see about getting a new bike seat... Comfort seat, my arse!!!! No matter how I tweaked the position of it, it is just too darn wide... never thought I'd say that! So I'll have to see what I can find that won't break the bank :)

As for Ferris, he's downstairs in the basement with his training tire on the back. He and I are gonna have a little spin this afternoon/evening since the weather is gonna be lousy.

Still hate the treadmill, but I also hate the idea of jogging out in the real world where everyone and their brother can see the girls suffer. And I don't need "EARTHQUAKE" comments from buttheads in passing cars either.


Donna said...

Not really slacking if you're out riding 30 miles in the wind, now are you?

Be kind to yourself, would ya?

Courtney said...

I agree...30 miles is not anywhere near Slackerville.

Tell Peter that Alana and I said hello. He truly made the logistics of doing an out-of-state tri easier. Our bikes were in good hands. :)

Jenn said...

Yeah, but one workout a week does not a training regime make... I haven't been in the pool in who know how long... I think I'm just getting freaked out by that DAMN COUNTDOWN APP!!!!

CoCo: Will do... he's got Jake right now... He's getting a tune-up and new pedals :) Hope I get him back before the weekend :)

Donna said...

Well, then, let the "damn countdown app" be your impetus to get into the swing! :)

BTW, I added the app. LOL

Lass said...

Slacker, you are not. Dude, 30 miles in the wind?! I bow down to you.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the ego boost girls.... and thanks for the app to give me the much needed swift kick in the butt, Donna ;>