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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brick Today!

Today's training was a bike/run brick. I'm pretty happy. :)

First the bike I did in my neighborhood, instead of meeting up with BAM -- I just didn't have time to do my brick so late in the evening today. The ride out was awesome with tailwinds and speeds of 20+ mph! I paid for it on the way back. Ended up averaging almost 15 mph... Totally acceptable given the wind.

I've decided that I am no longer going to "check" for wind. All I have in Houston is wind. The only "hills" we have are bridges and overpasses... so I may as well take the resistance where I can.

I wasn't sure how the run was going to go. I intended to do 3, but 2.6 had to do; I mis-routed the course I guess. Anyway I averaged as 12.06 pace... that's my best pace to date! I think that long 5 mile run helped... I don't know.

I'm a happy girl, and feeling very accomplished today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1.2 WSD

Check my entry!

1.2 WSD

Until later,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Active on a Budget

We can all stand to save money during the recession...and let's face it, triathlon can be one of the most expensive sports EVER. to the rescue! LOL

Active On a Budget

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Bike!

I'm picking up my brand spanking new Trek 1.2WSD tomorrow from the bike shop! They called and left a message during my spin class tonight. I'm so stinking excited! Will do a full post with pics and everything tomorrow!

A little humor with your training

Nike's new ad for The Nike Free.

Fair warning, it's work safe due to strategically placed objects and blurring. I love the sales rep scene. I can't stop laughing when I watch that one scene.

Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 MS50 or "MS75"

Our ride into La Grange...
"MS150 or Bust - Ride or Swim"

This was the first time in 25 years any part of the MS150 had to be canceled -- figures it has to be on the 25th anniversary of the event. The cool thing was that 11,000 of the 13,000 registered riders showed up to play in the hills, wind and bike grease... and there was lots of bike grease. For some, more than others. LOL

E and D offered the use of their RV for the event, and it was the way to travel! I'm so grateful! We managed to leave Houston before the torrential rains on Saturday and arrived safely, with D's superior driving skills... I think he must have been a bus driver in a previous life; he takes it *very* seriously. :) D is E's husband... and now our "Rider Support" dude.

We made it to La Grange and just chilled on Saturday night. Doug made us some sketti and meatballs (YUM!) We went into town and took a walk -- La Grange's population is 4,400, so there's not much to see. But we found this home decor/custom jewelry store that we loved. I picked up and *MS75* souvenir, in the form of this handmade cuff, studded with freshwater pearls. It is so unique; I love it!

So, the next morning was the start of Day 2. We headed out at about 7:45, and opted not to go through the official start, which proved to be the right choice because we heard later that people were still waiting to start at 8:40 am. The winds were bad; and they were expected to get worse (and did) as the day went on.

E's Cousin led us out safely to the course and then we were on our own. Not even a few miles in we said a rider down... it didn't look good. The good thing was the MS150 support folks were right there, taking care of him. Their SAG support and volunteers are the best.

So, I already mentioned the wind, right? It was very, very windy. When you have no hills to train in, and have to combine hills and wind, it makes it challenging. Last year everyone said the wind was the worst ever (they usually have tail winds going in to Austin), but this year felt twice as bad to me -- I mean, we didn't even have a Day 1 ride, and Day 2 was killing me! I just knew it would be a long day.
<--- me (odd team out, S, E A and L) I ride along, enjoying the sites, cursing every single flag I see flying full-out in the wind (which I'm riding into) and I try to remember to be in the moment. Be present. Really recognize what is going on. The scenery is mostly green and lush, and I'm physically able to ride... and ride decently.

Along the route are volunteers... cheerleaders. People who just sit out on their lawn chairs and scream moral boosting support. But there are those few that really get to me and I'm definitely touched. There was a woman sitting on the tailgate of her minivan with a sign that simply said, "Thanks for saving my life."

I teared up... got snotty.. the whole nine yards. She's why we're doing it! We struggle to get through the ride in the wind. They struggle for their life; I'm sure at times it feels like they are walking into 20 mph headwinds every day.

As quickly as I am reminded of why we are here, I got my first flat (God is funny that way, I think LOL). Rear tire of course (even funnier still, I think). A Ride Marshall comes by about 10 minutes later and says, do you know how to change it? I said, "I can change the tube and tire, but have problems with getting on the rear. He said, "I'll take it off for you, but then I'm on my way."

? ? ? ?

Anyway, that's exactly what he did. 30 minutes later I finally got the tire back on -- and during that time no other Ride Marshall passed. I felt like George Hincapie with an eff'd up mechanical stop. Admittedly though, I felt good when I was finally able to get the tire back on. :) Thanks Darren -- my tire changing coach. LOL

So I make it to Lunch.. it's sometime between Noon and 12:30 -- I roll in and quickly grab my grub and pop a squat on the lawn. I finish up in like 20 minutes and head back towards my bike. The wind was only expected to pick-up and get worse throughout the remainder of the day, and it did.

Here's something for the totally weird category though: I know in sports athletes get comfortable around one another. But the MS150 is a FAMILY event.. you know, G rated. I get back to my bike and the guy next to me makes small chat, "How's your ride going?" then he opens a package of chamois butter with his teeth. I am thinking (sunscreen?). I tell him, Okay... could be worse, blah-blah-blah. He responds with more blah-blah-blah (and seriously that is what I heard) as he proceeded to slather his privates with the butter right in front of me. He's sticking his hands down his shorts, right there, applying it his "package" and butt.


I was sort of laughing inside, but a little taken back too. To world has all kinds, I figure.

Down the road I go... make the next rest stop a quickie and leave. I get a quarter mile from the rest stop and I have another flat! And guess what? It's the rear. AGAIN. So I pull over on the side of the road, where came upon a this small RV, a white-haired man, his wife and their beautiful Somoya, Daisy. They were so sweet and helpful. Carl is a member of the 300 club -- that means he's one of the MS150's top fundraisers. His wife follows him with the RV along the course and gives him private rest stops. Carl joked and said it was because if he stopped at the regular rest stops, that he would talk to much (I believe it) and never finish the ride. LOL

I enjoyed their company (and Daisy) for a bit and then got the tire changed in half the time of the first. Yay me!!

Not so quickly.

Whatever I did, I screwed up the derailleur... I couldn't shift gears without losing the chain. I had to deal with it until I got to the next rest stop for support to check it out.

It was quickly becoming no fun at all. Seriously; I think this event defined what my level of fun is: 40 to 60 miles max. And even at that, after 40 miles I'm getting bored -- it's not really the training, having stamina or the hard work. No one can accuse me of be "afraid" of training hard. I'm like a tug-boat... I can chug and pull all day, it just gets boring. When I get bored, the idea of crossing the "Finish" loses it's excitment and it's just the last step in getting it over with and not a victory. That said, the MS150 is an awesome cause. So I guess I should never say "never", but it certainly won't be anytime soon. LOL

After I got my bike checked (I had knocked the derailleur out of whack when I turned the bike upside down to change the tire) I decided wind up SAG'ing 8 miles; I just needed to collect myself. I was frustrated, covered in grease from hands to ankles and not having any fun. So on the bus I just thought about all the reasons why I was there and in that place at that particular moment in time connected to all these people through this common cause.

Hopped off the SAG and furnished out the last 15 miles of the ride. I made it into Austin sometime around 4pm. Not a stellar performance. I thought I was going to do so well, considering I made it into Bastrop for lunch between Noon and 12:30. It's not a race though; it's a ride.

A (E's son) crossed the finish behind me at around 5. then L, then E. I think I was so happy to see them finish!

I think this ride solidified for me what I kinda knew, but wouldn't totally, 100% commit to knowing, was that long rides aren't my thing. In spite of knowing how to spell the word "derailleur" I really can't claim myself a "cyclist" (what do you expect? I do "ride like a girl.") LOL A cyclist NEEDS to feel that wind in their hair and doesn't mind grease under their nails. LOL I like riding... but maybe 60 miles of riding tops and preferably no wind or ginormous hills LOL. Maybe I have a little ADD in me? I need to know I get to do something else after - maybe that's the allure of triathlons... you don't have to do one thing for very long, so you don't have to get bored. LOL

The 2009 "MS75" gets a 6 on the Funtivity scale. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Want Pancakes!

I woke at up 3:45 this morning. Not on purpose... I also accidentally woke up (well, there was a huge and raging thunderstorm right outside my window) at about midnight too. I had the alarm set for 5:00... and although I woke up at 3:45, I allowed myself to lay there and "rest my eyes" for the next hour... I finally couldn't handle it anymore and turned the alarm off at 4:56 and got up.

I didn't pack my bag last night... remind me not to do that again... I had all the time in the world this weekend to pack my transition bag and plan a change of clothing, but I wait until race morning to do it? I did put my bike in the car last night though... that did help.

I finally gathered all my things and headed for Claremore at about 6:00... I stopped at Quik Trip for a water (my other two water bottles were saved for race time) and Red Bull (for caffiene) and change for the turnpike ($1.25, exact change only).

As I traveled down the road, I remembered I forgot my USAT card... but I had already shown it to pick up my race packet, so I didn't really worry about it... I had money with me, so if they demanded on it, I could have bought the one day liscence.

Then I thought I forgot my running shoes. Then I thought I forgot my socks. Then I thought I forgot my brain.

Got there, and got a really nice transition spot... centrally located... the bike out is at one end, the run out is at the other... I had the end of a rack, and I could see my green towel without much trouble. I need a better plan for the Danskin transition area, since it would be mucho grander.

I like the meet and greet in transition. A girl about my age, about my size, about my ability ended up racking right next to me... she was nervous, her first tri, she was fun to talk to... I met a couple of the other girls from the tri newbie group and I don't really remember what I said, but it ended up with a pat on the back and one of the girls saying "you're a great motivational speaker... you should go get up there on the mic and pump us up!"

And I was pumped up. Six months ago in the fall... scared to death... this morning... ready to go.

The clouds were coming and going... I thought about sacking up my shoes and socks just in case... but I figured it didn't matter anyway when I noticed that my green towel (actually it was my green yoga towel that has silicone buttons on the bottom to keep it from slipping) was soaked already... and I figured I'd end up with wet socks anyway... because there wasn't anyplace dry to stand (or sit) to transition.

The swim was FUBAR. I don't know what people were doing, but there were so many people clustered up around each other, it was almost kind of scary. And I passed and I passed and I passed. I tried to do some of it at the wall... but I just had to pass some of the people in the middle... I swam right on top of a couple of people before I could get slowed down and go around... I will not be modest with my swim time again... it just hurt me... but all the clusters I saw with the people down around 11:00 minutes were scary too... it's just scary having that many people in a pool... at any given time there were usually at least 6 people in a lane (three up and three down) but I saw several instances of about 10 people crowding a lane at a time.

They haven't posted the splits yet, so I don't have the first idea of what my swim time was... but I think I heard someone yell ELEVEN as I was wading out of the walk out pool. That wade out is hard work. So I'm thinking my swim was somewhere around 11:00 minutes.

I was right... I stepped on the grass in my sock foot immediately. I really tried not too... it squished... and then I did it again with my other foot. I tried to run my bike out of the transition area... but it's hard when it's wet grass, mud and 150 other people trying to do the same thing. I heard someone behind me say something to the effect of "you've got to be kidding me" and tried to put on some speed... but I didn't worry too much about it... I just tried to get out of the way was much as possible and for all I know that person wasn't even talking to me at all.

Let me say this first. I didn't walk that hill. I DIDN'T WALK THAT HILL! Third time is a charm! The biking was cold... I'll admit it... I ended up with my short sleeve top instead of trying to struggle into the long sleeves... but it would have been just as cold with long sleeves, because it would have gotten wet too. It sprinkled a little, but never rained. I got passed once on an uphill and it irritated me... because you can't draft for one thing... and anything short of two bike lengths between you and another rider is considered drafting unless you're going to pass... so this kid passes me... in the middle of a hill... with the race official RIGHT THERE... so I had to drop back two bike lengths immediately... meaning I had to slow down going up a hill... that was pretty much the only hill that made me want to drop f bombs this time though.

As I came into transition again... they have a dismount line... I know it's supposed to make it safer for the transition area, so you don't ride your bike into the area and run over people... but it comes up so abruptly that it's weird... I know to expect it, but somehow it still sneaks up on me... and it doesn't help when the race volunteers are bellowing at you that you HAVE TO DISMOUNT BEFORE THE LINE! I came to a skidding halt... almost fell on top of my bike, tried to get off my bike, dropped it... yes I dropped my bike... and grabbed it back up and ran away... hoping that no one else fell because I dropped my bike right there... I heard someone but I didn't look back.

Stepped in the wet grass again. LOVE my lace lock thingies so I didn't have to tie my running shoes... HIt the road.The run is hard... it goes out fairly flat for about half a mile and then you go up this big long hill for another half a mile and then you turn around and come home... I'm not gonna lie... I walked that hill... but my running goal was not to break any records, but to run more than I did in the fall... and that wasn't hard at all because I ran about the first 10 yards and the last 20 yards in the fall... I ran more than 30 yards and actually did my two miles in a little over 30 minutes.

I sure wish they would post the splits... I really want to know my swim time.I felt really good about this race. Knowing people helped a lot... Last year I didn't really know anyone and didn't talk much in the transtion... this year was better... I could talk instead of being nervous... I got a little panicky as I was rounding the corner to make my jump into the pool, but took several deep breaths and found myself calming down. I had to talk myself through one of the hill sequences... I hit the top of one and saw the tops of the next two... I didn't f bomb, but I did take a deep breath and say Julie Julie Julie out loud... meaning what have I gotten myself in to... but then I reminded myself that I had already done this course just last weekend and survived it then.

When I saw my posted time 1:39:43... I had to do a double take and when I realized that was really my name I let out a "HOLY CRAP!" and got a couple of laughs from the people around me... I was proud... very proud... considering I thought 1:50 was just barely doable and 1:45 was something I had to push hard to do... and I didn't feel like I was pushing all that hard... until now.

I do hurt now... my legs are still jelly and my head hurts and I have an overwhelming desire for pancakes. Lots and lots of pancakes with eggs and sausage and syrup and a big fat diet coke... I don't know why the diet coke... but I want it...

I'm so glad I did the tri-newbie training... it really made this race fun. FUN!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Did I Manage To Get Here Already?

I joined a group. One of those tri-newbie groups... and I thought, oh yes! I will have much to write about with the Tri-Divas... I will have much to record... but I didn't... and strangely enough, our goal race is tomorrow. Actually it's in about 14 hours that I will be leaping into the water.

I can briefly paraphrase...

All the men are married (DANG!).

I thought I could swim, and then they said I had a lot to work on, and then I thought I couldn't swim and then suddenly I could swim. In our practice time trials, I added a full 45 seconds and then I took off a full 2 minutes from my previous race time. I learned a little about pacing and that drafting in the pool is ok. On that last time trial, I got behind one of the faster women... and I knew I couldn't pass her, but I sat right there on top of her for about four laps. She finally pulled away... but it kept me moving fast.

I learned that it's ok to brag about your swim time when you sign up... that you shouldn't say you swim a 13 minute 400 when you know you can do an 11 minute one... because they will sede you at 13 minutes... and more than likely I will be struggling to pass tomorrow, instead of being where I need to be up with the people moving my speed.

In the back of my head, I can't help but think that my little 400 meter snake swim in a pool tomorrow is going to be nothing compared to the 800 meter open water swim in June. I have approximately 6 weeks after tomorrow to get comfortable with twice the distance and no walls to push off. I'm actually looking a little bit forward to it.

I learned that I stayed too long in the big chain ring on the bike... I fight hills like crazy... but I'm slowly becoming aquainted with my middle and small chain rings and I'm finding that I really like those guys. I had no idea they would be quite so helpful.

I also found that by going out and riding with stronger riders, I find bits of frustration and bits of wonder... because I couldn't always keep up with them... but even if I wasn't keeping up, I wasn't so far behind that I couldn't see them... I could always see them. Which did wonders for my confidence on the bike.

And running... well, they left me in the dust on the runs... but I found out more and more that I didn't care. Because this is my race and not theirs... and I spent a lot of time feeling self concious about what I couldn't do when I had no focus on what I was doing... but finding that moment when I told myself this is YOUR race... it didn't matter anymore. You would think I had known that already.

I found it difficult to train with both men and women... the women want to pull each other along and the men just want to finish. It's not a bad thing... it's just a thing. And I'm not saying that the men weren't encouraging, because they definately were... but they were interested in finishing what they set out to do and then they could focus on encouraging... the women wanted everyone to finish with them... no woman left behind. And I found myself near to tears at times when I thought I couldn't do something and a woman dropped back with me, talked me through it, and said those wonderful words... You.Can.Do.This.

And now I sit here and think about how terribly nervous I was about six months ago, the night before my first triathlon... and how calm and ready I feel six months later the night before my second triathlon.

I feel so proud of my progress. And so ready to get out there and face off with that course tomorrow morning.

This is my race to win. And there won't be any losing tomorrow... because how can you lose when you get out there and tri.

Still needs some work...

... but I like our little tri-diva. Be patient while the page is a work in progress. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

GU on the Go

Here's a tip from Georgena of Terry Bicycles!

"Ever bungle around trying to eat a Gu® when you're bundled up from head to toe and there's no way you're going to stop riding? Here's my tip of the day: first, unzip your jacket about 7 or 8 inches; then, if you're right handed, use your teeth (gently, please) to remove that glove. Stuff the glove in your open jacket -- a placeholder for a while. Now, go for the Gu. Follow the instructions in reverse when done. I learned this after losing one of my favorite gloves. I thought it was snugged away in my back pocket. Still looking for that glove on the road..."

Of course this is for winter riding... but I thought sharing it would makes us cool :)

Skirt Sports Tri Tank

The Skirt Sports Tri Tank is made very nicely. The fabric is quality; lighter (thinner) than others like this. I can tell it will be a nice weight for the summer tris. I also appreciate the seamless stitching. It's all-around comfy.

I also like the fact this top seems to be sized for the average athlete -- not all super-skinny-pro-elite-fit. It's form fitting, but not tight, or unsightly. It doesn't really offer a ton of compression like you would find in the elite level garments -- but that could be because the top I purchased was big on me.

I think I could make a mint if I could create a tri top that doesn't require a separate sports bra... oh well, you still need a sports bra underneath, for sure. Here's the sizing:

XS - 02
S - 4 - 6
M - 8 - 10
L - 12 - 14
XL - 16 - 18
XXL 20 - 22

This top is long... it totally covers my hips; not like the Aqua Terra top that cut across my pelvis. I totally bought the wrong size again... should have went with the XL, but went with the XXL instead. (One day I'll stop doing this!)

With regard to performance, it swam well and dried quickly. I haven't ridden or run in it, but it I have no doubt it would be comfortable for all activities.

What I have not tried yet are the coordinating shorts. I'm holding out for their other colors to come out, which was supposed to be in April. Although the shorts say they have 5" inseam which "covers the largest part of your thigh", they still might be just too short for me! There is no way Skirt Sports could know my thighs. LOL

On a customer service related note, last year, before the Clear Lake tri, I was still searching for something to wear... I swear it's harder than running! But anyway, I called Skirt Sports and talked to them directly, because I was just a few days away from the start and needed to know more info on sizing and shipping. They were soooooo helpful. Super nice people... great customer service!

Anyway, if you're still looking, you might want to give them a try.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"Can of corn. Can of corn and I'll be fine. Can of corn."

Fat-free, calorie-free, taste-free cookie to the person that knows where this quote came from...LOL

Training...I'm still trucking along. Today's swim was 1000 yards. Small for the "real" triathletes, but excellent for me. Where's my damn medal?!? This weekend should be action-packed. Tomorrow is G's 2-hour spin class, Friday is a cycling date, Saturday is the Fort Worth Zoo 5K and Sunday's craziness involves a hike. Why am I still fluffy with all of this activity? Because Coco likes her food and booze. The scale isn't moving nearly as fast as it should could be, but I'm ok with it. I live the healthy lifestyle 85% of the time and that's a passing grade. LOL

In other news, I've fallen in love with my new Pearl Izumi Attack cycling shorts. I think we'll be very happy together. Nice padding without feeling like a diaper. On the flip side, I wasn't too thrilled with the Lands End Aqua Terra top. :( I'm a super tall chick and the garment just isn't long enough. LE offers long torso options, but not in their plus size line. Apparently "plus size" still equals "short" in some designer's minds. Hello? What about the Amazons?!?

Anyway, I returned the top to my friendly neighborhood Sears today (thanks for the tip, Donna!) and I'm back on the hunt for tri separates. I may check out the Junonia top next. If all else fails, I'll be back in my trisuit from last year.

I hope you're all having a great week! Happy Training!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Composing Training Schedules

Here's some information passed on to me from my training group's beginners' program coordinator. I had asked her if order was important. For me, during the week, balancing training, work and family sometimes... okay OFTEN requires juggling. For instance yesterday I was supposed to swim, but it was much faster and easier to get a run in; so I wanted to swap Monday's plan for Tuesday. Here is a portion of her response...

"The order is not that important. The main thing is you get in 2 runs, 2 bikes and 2 swims per week with one of those training days being a brick. A long run and a long bike day is important also, but what day of the week or what order you do these things is not important."

"The schedule is based on the fact that most of the triathletes around here [in the club] belong to a running club and those clubs always do their long run on Saturday mornings. So, that only leaves Sunday for a long group ride, which makes Monday the "off" day to recover from those 2 long sessions. Just try to get it all in."

"A lot of folks cramp up if they try to swim too soon after a run or ride... Everyone is different. You'll be able to tell after your first race where your weak points are. Lots of people spend more time on the sport they like the best instead of the sport they are bad at."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Training Plan

Here's the plan for the week. Will do my best to meet plan goals. I have much to do for prep on the MS150 00 THIS COMING WEEKEND!

Mon - Swim 500 yards.
Tue - Run 3 miles
Wed - Brick: Bike 12/Run 2.
Thu - Swim drills 40 minutes.
Fri -MS150 Prep
Sat - MS150
Sun - MS150

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Poll Posted

So here's how we're gonna roll...

Let's decide on 2 taglines. See the poll and participate now, or forever keep your peace. I'll get the logos to Lynn.

Get your shirts to Lynn -- she can communicate her address to you in the way she wants. Also, I know she probably won't ask, but a small donation for supplies/shipping would probably be helpful; so do what you can and send it with your shirts. Also include your ship to address!

I really want to dot the "i" in diva with a single rhinestone -- sorry, there has to be some *glitz* somewhere. I will use a quality method for attaching, so they won't come off in workouts, etc. Anyone have the number for the Bedazzler? Seriously. LOL So when Lynn finishes the prinitng, she can send them to me. I'll "dazzle" them and send back to you -- or wait until the tri to give them out, your choice.

Rock on girls!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What do you think of this...

Lynn, you are awesome! What a fantastick surprise!! No worries... nothing spoiled... it is still Fantastick!

1st, we have to decide on a logo. So the idea of everyone having their own saying is out. So collectively we'll need to come to an agreement.

One agreed, I can work with Lynn to get the logo in the format she needs. (I'm using PSP Lynn, so I have some flexibility to provide different graphic formats).

I know some of us are choosey about shirts with regard to shape and fit. So if doesn't drive Lynn too crazy, maybe we each should buy our shirt (according to specs Lynn can provide -- not sure what her machine works best with (i.e. ribbed tee's vs. non-ribbed tee's) and get it to her via mail -- then she can print the shirts. Lynn what do you think?

The only other thing is color. I'm really not a fan of white -- it's like a magnet for me. Personally I'd prefer a darker color. What's everyone's thoughts on this?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wait, Wait......

So I'm glad I pulled up the blog when I did.... I have been secretly working on a surprise for the Tri Diva Team..... It's a t-shirt! I have acquired a Yudu personal screen printing machine and have been trying for weeks to make time to do it. I haven't read all of the post, but I can probably make them cheaper than cafepress.

I can take any design that everyone likes and make a screen out of it. What do you all think?


One more...

I found another site that does custom rhinstone tees for $37

Graphic order for Tee

Please complete the spreadsheet at this link. It will help make sure I get everyone taken care of, as well as keep me organized.

Team Shirts *UPDATED*

We've tossed away the bike jersey idea... just too costly in these economic times.

However with the ability to create custom t-shirts online, I've designed some logos. We can each pickout the type/size shirt you like and keep "uniform" via the logo. So far I like better than cafepress -- the preview functionality is better. *UPDATED* But there is a minimum quantity of 6 for tee-shirts. I think CafePress allows you to order one-off's

The cool part is, if you have some kind of nifty saying that you'd rather see under Team Tri Diva, then just let me know. I'll alter the graphic for you specifically. You'll ge the picture when you see the graphics below.

I would like the add that final touch of "divaesque" to each tee/tank by dotting the "i"'s with what else? Rhinestones... If you order and have shipped to me, I'll add the stones and bring them with me to the tri. It will just be 2 stones, so I really don't think it would be a problem to still workout in the tee.

These are just a few Courtney and I came up with (click to see the full-size version:

Postcards from the Injured Reserve List...

I had a fabulous hike on Sunday until I managed to twist my ankle. I don't know what my issue is with foot injuries before the triathlon! Last year was a stress fracture 7 weeks out (complete with doctor's "gentle" orders to skip the Danskin Tri). We all know how that story ended...I did the tri, foot was in pain, got a finisher's medal. Happy Triathlete.

I'd like to take the less dramatic road in this year's Danskin, so I promise to be more careful from this point on (i.e. less hikes down steep paths with loose rocks/mini boulders).

The ankle is feeling better today, so the plan is a mini-tri. I now have Wednesdays off, so I may be doing gym sprint triathlons mid-week. Today's super sprint will feature a 500 yard swim, 15 mile bike and 2 miles on the dreadmill. Next week, I'll increase the distance in an effort to torture myself improve my overall performance.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Swim Plans!

Just learned about

Not sure why it took me so long to find out about this resource, either that or if someone did tell me about it, I didn't realize how cool it was.

Anyway, you sign up and it gives you free workout plans according to your criteria. So for Friday's swim session, it generated this plan:

I did hit the gym yesterday for weights and swim. I was surprised how much lifting took out of me before the swim. I essentially slogged through 1200 m :( I have to find a way to squeeze in 2 days of lifting somewhere. I don't feel good when I don't lift.

I got to the pool and there were a bunch (like 5) accomplished swimmers there drilling. They were very nice and offered me to share a lane, but since I still suck at swimming, I hate to mess up anyone's pace and make them have to swim around me. They were all very nice and 3 of them shared one lane for their long drills, which freed up some room for me. :) One day I'll glide through the water like them... instead of looking like a tug-boat. LOL

My new breathing is getting better. I just have a problem blowing out s-l-o-w-l-y. I find if I don't think about it and focus on breathing, I'll just hold my breath. I still seem to lift every 3rd stroke though; that's most comfortable for me. I can stretch it to 5, but when I do that I seem to get screwed up along the way and/or swallow a bunch of water trying to breath before my head is properly up out of the water.

Today I'm doing a brick with the club; riding 10 and running 2 (ouside!). I'm a little nervous about it... always hate being the slowest one. Plus there's that whole meeting new people thing, which I hate. Ugh.

Must stretch outside comfort zone to grow...
Must stretch outside comfort zone to grow...
Must stretch outside comfort zone to grow.


Know what's really funny? The MS150 is in less than 2 weeks now and all I can think about is the next Tri. LOL

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Race Report - 2009 Space Race

I cannot believe I had such a great ride today, consiering how windy it was. I'm not sure where my legs came from, as I stil feel pretty under the weather, but definitely better than yesterday.

I averaged 15.2 mph for 42 miles... I've never sustained that kind of average over a distance more than 15 miles, I don't think. If I did, it would be because there were tons of tail winds helping along.

Elysha rocked it too, joining me for the the second day of fun! She's a touch chick, for sure. Not much in the way of pictures... but heres's a few

The race is sponsored by Ronald McDonald House, if you can't figure that out from the pictures:

Elysha finishing!

One More Pic!

Heather, Elysha, me and Katie (we befriended Katie at the race) in our uglies!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tunes please!

Let me know your favorite get-you-pumped heart racing workout tunes! Title and Artist so I can iTune it! :)

2009 Lonestar Tri Race Report

I had been suffering from sinus/allergy trouble all week. Coupled with a lack of sleep, today wasn't stellar, but I'm still proud. I had problems breathing, because I couldn't take good, deep breaths without coughing. As I type this my head is just pounding! Enough excuses though, right? Slow or fast, I still did the tri. :)

I went to the site yesterday for the beginners' seminar. I'm really glad I did. Jana from Tri on the Run shared tips and a checklist which was really helpful. This event was very well thought out. The little things made it a success and fun to do.

Be prepared... this post is going to be all over the place. I'm kinda out of it.

Soooo yesterday I met up with *E* and *H*. They texted me earlier about how freaked out they were about the swim, as they attended the swim clinic on Friday. I am starting to think that NOT going to the clinic was better! Long story short, the swim was scary. The winds had picked up and the water was much colder than it was 4 days ago. I was soooooo glad I purchased the wetsuit.

We got there and set-up. Walked around a bit and waited for our wave (#11) -- it gave us plenty of time to get worked up. LOL I think we were all as nervous as we were excited.

We entered the water for our start... and yes; it was cold! it was 60-something... can't remember, but I think it was 65 degrees.

Basically I could forget everything I practiced in the pool. I think when it comes to open water swimming the pool is only good for training your endurance... not for swimming in open water. Not being able to take deep breaths today certainly hampered my lung capacity though -- so I started to feel a little defeated while I was out there. I just kept stroking though. Thankfully the current was with us and we didn't have to fight it, but the 10 to 15 mph winds (with gusts up to 20) made the water not rough, but definitely bouncy... I don't know how else to explain it.

I finished the swim and upon exit I felt like I was drunk. I couldn't even walk a straight line, let alone run! They had people setup to strip you! Seriously. We pulled our zippers down and got our wetsuits to the ground, dropped on our bottoms and pointed our toes -- then they pulled them off for us.

I didn't spend a ton of time in T1. I was looking forward to some recovery on the bike. Sadly though it took me 4 miles before I felt my legs again, and 7 until my legs really felt "good". I was not happy about that, but I finished strong, so that's something.

Again in T2, I took little time. I really was just spent. Every time my feet hit the pavement it just pounded in my head. In any case, I walked and ran through the 5k as best I could, which was pretty bad. I knew my outdoors time would not be as good as indoors though; it never is. That's something I need to work on to improve before the Danskin.

I know it must sound more bad than good, but I really had a great time and I am glad I got to share firsts with *E* and *H* -- as well as *K* who we befriended. I know I would have done even better had I not felt so sh*tty

Lessons learned:

  • That I'm really not a terrible at swimming. Practice paid off!
  • Take decongestant when you're suffering -- it's not worth feeling crappy-crappy, when you can settle for just crappy.
  • Get enough sleep -- hadn't slept well with my sinus stuff for the last 4 days. :(
  • Nothing new on race day -- bought some "Yankz" and one broke. Had my old laces with me, so I was saved. The product was great... it was my installation that failed.
  • Work on true swim to bike transition. Evidently the Swim to Spin Class Transition isn't cutting it?
  • Run outside! I effin' hate this part, but I think I could really improve this if I'd just do it OUTSIDE.
Overall finish 72nd in my wave; 163 overall male and female beginners.

Here's how it panned out:

Swim Rank: 58
Time: 00:16:26

Transition 1: 00:04:23

Bike Rank: 58
Bike Time: 00:54:15

Transition 2: 00:03:37

Run Rank: 83
Run Time: 00:47:55 (15.27 pace - bah!)

Total time 2:06:38 (didn't get my goal of < style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 400px; height: 146px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5320943131001446018" border="0">

958 - Lonestar Triathlon

I'm race number 958... totally excited.

Bright orange top, black shorts -- will look like the Lochness Monster emerging fromt he water with a neon pink "beginners" swim cap. The Neon pink is so they can see you when you drown!

Windy today... a little nervous about the swim. Okay... well, alot nervous. Friends swam it yesterday and it was tough. I'm worried the wind is going to gust water into my mouth and make it hard to breathe. :(

Thursday, April 2, 2009

See Donna Tri!

This is soooo cool! The event coordinators for this weekend's tri, are going to be broadcasting live video of the event over the Internet.

Click here to get to the entry page: Tel*e* Vision

I am racing first-thing Saturday morning @ 7:30. So watch me with your cup o' joe, if you don't mind giggle-snorting it through your nose when you see me emerge from the swim. LOL

I should get my race number on Friday night; I'll be sure to post it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tri Funnies

I know we're all serious triathletes in training *ahem*, but we can all use a break for a laugh, mmmkay? :)