Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Poll Posted

So here's how we're gonna roll...

Let's decide on 2 taglines. See the poll and participate now, or forever keep your peace. I'll get the logos to Lynn.

Get your shirts to Lynn -- she can communicate her address to you in the way she wants. Also, I know she probably won't ask, but a small donation for supplies/shipping would probably be helpful; so do what you can and send it with your shirts. Also include your ship to address!

I really want to dot the "i" in diva with a single rhinestone -- sorry, there has to be some *glitz* somewhere. I will use a quality method for attaching, so they won't come off in workouts, etc. Anyone have the number for the Bedazzler? Seriously. LOL So when Lynn finishes the prinitng, she can send them to me. I'll "dazzle" them and send back to you -- or wait until the tri to give them out, your choice.

Rock on girls!


Lynnderful said...

Looks like we are going with t-shirt slogan #1 and #5. Everyone agreed?

Lass said...

Looks like since the blog design has changed! LOL