Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Team Shirts *UPDATED*

We've tossed away the bike jersey idea... just too costly in these economic times.

However with the ability to create custom t-shirts online, I've designed some logos. We can each pickout the type/size shirt you like and keep "uniform" via the logo. So far I like better than cafepress -- the preview functionality is better. *UPDATED* But there is a minimum quantity of 6 for tee-shirts. I think CafePress allows you to order one-off's

The cool part is, if you have some kind of nifty saying that you'd rather see under Team Tri Diva, then just let me know. I'll alter the graphic for you specifically. You'll ge the picture when you see the graphics below.

I would like the add that final touch of "divaesque" to each tee/tank by dotting the "i"'s with what else? Rhinestones... If you order and have shipped to me, I'll add the stones and bring them with me to the tri. It will just be 2 stones, so I really don't think it would be a problem to still workout in the tee.

These are just a few Courtney and I came up with (click to see the full-size version:


Lass said...

What happened to "We stop for photo ops"

*snorts* I distinctly remember this happening last August...but then, I also stopped to pee in T2. I want that on my t-shirt:

"A girl's got to go when a girl's got to go" *giggles*snorts*

Donna said...

we can certainly put whatever you want on it!

Donna said...

Just fill out the spreadsheet with what you want.

Jenn said...

Is there somewhere we can see the size-charts? Or are we just buying any old random shirt and sending it your way?