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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skirt Sports Tri Tank

The Skirt Sports Tri Tank is made very nicely. The fabric is quality; lighter (thinner) than others like this. I can tell it will be a nice weight for the summer tris. I also appreciate the seamless stitching. It's all-around comfy.

I also like the fact this top seems to be sized for the average athlete -- not all super-skinny-pro-elite-fit. It's form fitting, but not tight, or unsightly. It doesn't really offer a ton of compression like you would find in the elite level garments -- but that could be because the top I purchased was big on me.

I think I could make a mint if I could create a tri top that doesn't require a separate sports bra... oh well, you still need a sports bra underneath, for sure. Here's the sizing:

XS - 02
S - 4 - 6
M - 8 - 10
L - 12 - 14
XL - 16 - 18
XXL 20 - 22

This top is long... it totally covers my hips; not like the Aqua Terra top that cut across my pelvis. I totally bought the wrong size again... should have went with the XL, but went with the XXL instead. (One day I'll stop doing this!)

With regard to performance, it swam well and dried quickly. I haven't ridden or run in it, but it I have no doubt it would be comfortable for all activities.

What I have not tried yet are the coordinating shorts. I'm holding out for their other colors to come out, which was supposed to be in April. Although the shorts say they have 5" inseam which "covers the largest part of your thigh", they still might be just too short for me! There is no way Skirt Sports could know my thighs. LOL

On a customer service related note, last year, before the Clear Lake tri, I was still searching for something to wear... I swear it's harder than running! But anyway, I called Skirt Sports and talked to them directly, because I was just a few days away from the start and needed to know more info on sizing and shipping. They were soooooo helpful. Super nice people... great customer service!

Anyway, if you're still looking, you might want to give them a try.


Lynnderful said...

I saw these on team estrogen and was thinking about getting the top and the shorts. Thanks for the post.

Julie said...

I really like the look of that one... and totally appreciate the fact that they allow for some fluff.