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Thursday, April 16, 2009

GU on the Go

Here's a tip from Georgena of Terry Bicycles!

"Ever bungle around trying to eat a Gu® when you're bundled up from head to toe and there's no way you're going to stop riding? Here's my tip of the day: first, unzip your jacket about 7 or 8 inches; then, if you're right handed, use your teeth (gently, please) to remove that glove. Stuff the glove in your open jacket -- a placeholder for a while. Now, go for the Gu. Follow the instructions in reverse when done. I learned this after losing one of my favorite gloves. I thought it was snugged away in my back pocket. Still looking for that glove on the road..."

Of course this is for winter riding... but I thought sharing it would makes us cool :)

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