Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wait, Wait......

So I'm glad I pulled up the blog when I did.... I have been secretly working on a surprise for the Tri Diva Team..... It's a t-shirt! I have acquired a Yudu personal screen printing machine and have been trying for weeks to make time to do it. I haven't read all of the post, but I can probably make them cheaper than cafepress.

I can take any design that everyone likes and make a screen out of it. What do you all think?



Jenn said...

Sweet!!!! :)

I think most people are leaning towards the "We tri like girls..." one :)


Lass said...

Ooooo!!! A screen print machine? Really? *sighs* I love new craft stuff!

So what's the plan now ladies?

Donna said...

I'm all for that Lynn. Awesome!

I suppose then, we have to "vote" on one logo/saying for our shirts. Let's make sure everyone is caught up to this point, then we'll move forward. :)

Julie said...

It was still a surprise to me!