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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Want Pancakes!

I woke at up 3:45 this morning. Not on purpose... I also accidentally woke up (well, there was a huge and raging thunderstorm right outside my window) at about midnight too. I had the alarm set for 5:00... and although I woke up at 3:45, I allowed myself to lay there and "rest my eyes" for the next hour... I finally couldn't handle it anymore and turned the alarm off at 4:56 and got up.

I didn't pack my bag last night... remind me not to do that again... I had all the time in the world this weekend to pack my transition bag and plan a change of clothing, but I wait until race morning to do it? I did put my bike in the car last night though... that did help.

I finally gathered all my things and headed for Claremore at about 6:00... I stopped at Quik Trip for a water (my other two water bottles were saved for race time) and Red Bull (for caffiene) and change for the turnpike ($1.25, exact change only).

As I traveled down the road, I remembered I forgot my USAT card... but I had already shown it to pick up my race packet, so I didn't really worry about it... I had money with me, so if they demanded on it, I could have bought the one day liscence.

Then I thought I forgot my running shoes. Then I thought I forgot my socks. Then I thought I forgot my brain.

Got there, and got a really nice transition spot... centrally located... the bike out is at one end, the run out is at the other... I had the end of a rack, and I could see my green towel without much trouble. I need a better plan for the Danskin transition area, since it would be mucho grander.

I like the meet and greet in transition. A girl about my age, about my size, about my ability ended up racking right next to me... she was nervous, her first tri, she was fun to talk to... I met a couple of the other girls from the tri newbie group and I don't really remember what I said, but it ended up with a pat on the back and one of the girls saying "you're a great motivational speaker... you should go get up there on the mic and pump us up!"

And I was pumped up. Six months ago in the fall... scared to death... this morning... ready to go.

The clouds were coming and going... I thought about sacking up my shoes and socks just in case... but I figured it didn't matter anyway when I noticed that my green towel (actually it was my green yoga towel that has silicone buttons on the bottom to keep it from slipping) was soaked already... and I figured I'd end up with wet socks anyway... because there wasn't anyplace dry to stand (or sit) to transition.

The swim was FUBAR. I don't know what people were doing, but there were so many people clustered up around each other, it was almost kind of scary. And I passed and I passed and I passed. I tried to do some of it at the wall... but I just had to pass some of the people in the middle... I swam right on top of a couple of people before I could get slowed down and go around... I will not be modest with my swim time again... it just hurt me... but all the clusters I saw with the people down around 11:00 minutes were scary too... it's just scary having that many people in a pool... at any given time there were usually at least 6 people in a lane (three up and three down) but I saw several instances of about 10 people crowding a lane at a time.

They haven't posted the splits yet, so I don't have the first idea of what my swim time was... but I think I heard someone yell ELEVEN as I was wading out of the walk out pool. That wade out is hard work. So I'm thinking my swim was somewhere around 11:00 minutes.

I was right... I stepped on the grass in my sock foot immediately. I really tried not too... it squished... and then I did it again with my other foot. I tried to run my bike out of the transition area... but it's hard when it's wet grass, mud and 150 other people trying to do the same thing. I heard someone behind me say something to the effect of "you've got to be kidding me" and tried to put on some speed... but I didn't worry too much about it... I just tried to get out of the way was much as possible and for all I know that person wasn't even talking to me at all.

Let me say this first. I didn't walk that hill. I DIDN'T WALK THAT HILL! Third time is a charm! The biking was cold... I'll admit it... I ended up with my short sleeve top instead of trying to struggle into the long sleeves... but it would have been just as cold with long sleeves, because it would have gotten wet too. It sprinkled a little, but never rained. I got passed once on an uphill and it irritated me... because you can't draft for one thing... and anything short of two bike lengths between you and another rider is considered drafting unless you're going to pass... so this kid passes me... in the middle of a hill... with the race official RIGHT THERE... so I had to drop back two bike lengths immediately... meaning I had to slow down going up a hill... that was pretty much the only hill that made me want to drop f bombs this time though.

As I came into transition again... they have a dismount line... I know it's supposed to make it safer for the transition area, so you don't ride your bike into the area and run over people... but it comes up so abruptly that it's weird... I know to expect it, but somehow it still sneaks up on me... and it doesn't help when the race volunteers are bellowing at you that you HAVE TO DISMOUNT BEFORE THE LINE! I came to a skidding halt... almost fell on top of my bike, tried to get off my bike, dropped it... yes I dropped my bike... and grabbed it back up and ran away... hoping that no one else fell because I dropped my bike right there... I heard someone but I didn't look back.

Stepped in the wet grass again. LOVE my lace lock thingies so I didn't have to tie my running shoes... HIt the road.The run is hard... it goes out fairly flat for about half a mile and then you go up this big long hill for another half a mile and then you turn around and come home... I'm not gonna lie... I walked that hill... but my running goal was not to break any records, but to run more than I did in the fall... and that wasn't hard at all because I ran about the first 10 yards and the last 20 yards in the fall... I ran more than 30 yards and actually did my two miles in a little over 30 minutes.

I sure wish they would post the splits... I really want to know my swim time.I felt really good about this race. Knowing people helped a lot... Last year I didn't really know anyone and didn't talk much in the transtion... this year was better... I could talk instead of being nervous... I got a little panicky as I was rounding the corner to make my jump into the pool, but took several deep breaths and found myself calming down. I had to talk myself through one of the hill sequences... I hit the top of one and saw the tops of the next two... I didn't f bomb, but I did take a deep breath and say Julie Julie Julie out loud... meaning what have I gotten myself in to... but then I reminded myself that I had already done this course just last weekend and survived it then.

When I saw my posted time 1:39:43... I had to do a double take and when I realized that was really my name I let out a "HOLY CRAP!" and got a couple of laughs from the people around me... I was proud... very proud... considering I thought 1:50 was just barely doable and 1:45 was something I had to push hard to do... and I didn't feel like I was pushing all that hard... until now.

I do hurt now... my legs are still jelly and my head hurts and I have an overwhelming desire for pancakes. Lots and lots of pancakes with eggs and sausage and syrup and a big fat diet coke... I don't know why the diet coke... but I want it...

I'm so glad I did the tri-newbie training... it really made this race fun. FUN!


Donna said...

Congrats Julie, on an awesome performance! 1:39 is a great time! You've placed the gauntlet for some friendly competition! :)

Thanks for the race report too!

Courtney said...

Great race report! I'm so proud of you, J! I can't wait to meeeeeeeeeet you next month! Hooray!

Julie said...

1:39 is a great time... but it was a short race... that two mile run was a cinch compared to a 5k!