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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Got Gear? Call Me a Poser!

Part of the problem with not getting into the pool this past Sunday is that I never got to the store to get the gear! Add to that, I had a houseful of people due over in the afternoon and thought I would be better prepared - but, no, of course not! Then I had to re-do a classwork assignment because it was on my computer at work and my professor didn't receive it, I barely had time to breathe.

I did go to Swim Outlet and bought some gear; I'm oooozing with motivation now. LOL

Long-hair swim Cap
Tyr Socket Rocket Goggles

Speedo Ultraback

Donna's Training Log (7/29 - 8/04)

7/29 - OFF*
7/30 -
7/31 - Resistance Training / 30 mins - Walking
8/1 - 60 mins - Spin
8/2 - Resistance Training / 30 mins - Walking
8/3 - Swim
8/4 - 60 mins - Step

*I suck -- did not make it in the water on Sunday. :(

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Courtney's Training Log (7/29 - 8/04)

I've decided to tackle my absolute hatred of running. I'll be using the Couch-to-5K running plan. As for plyometrics, I'm using the program from Phat Camp. I can't post specifics (due to camp confidentiality agreement) , but this website gives a good overview of plyos.

7/29 - CT5K/Pilates
7/30 - Spin Class
7/31 - OFF DAY
8/01 - Spin Class
8/02 - CT5K/Plyos
8/03 - OFF DAY
8/04 - CT5K/Plyos

Goal Setting (Alana)

Training session goals
4x weekly weight training sessions (will post specifics later)
Pilates 2x weekly

Short-term goals
Swim: 1-2x per week
Running: Couch to 5K plan
Cycling: Spin class minimum 1x per week
Drink more H2O!
Lose 4 lbs in August

Long-term goals
Run: 2 5K events in 2008
Triathlon: Complete 2 triathlons in 2008
Cycling: 5 organized rides in 2008 (Courtney and I are riding partners)
Compete in an amateur Figure Show
Complete personal training certification

Outcome goals
Certified personal trainer
Lose the last 10 lbs and declare goal weight
Finish the Danskin Tri and become a super triathlete!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Planned Swim Workout - Sunday

I will start swimming on Sunday...
I will start swimming on Sunday...
I will start swimming on Sunday...

Adapted from:
Guidelines for Beginner Swimmers + Workout

Triathlon Swim Training for Beginners, by Priscilla


500 yards/meters warmup (work slowly, stretching it out)

12 x 50 yards/meters:
  • 4 x 50 on 20 seconds of rest after each
  • 4 x 50 on 10 seconds of rest after each
  • 4 x 50 on 5 seconds of rest after each

10 x 100 yards or meters (good for teaching pacing)
  • Complete each 100 with 30 seconds of rest after each
  • With each subsequent 100, work to drop 2 seconds off your time. So if you swim the first 100 in 1:50, by the 10th 100, you should be swimming by 1:32.
  • If you have trouble the first time you try, put this into your swim workout once a week. learning how it feels to swim at a target pace is an important skill for swimming longer events.
12 x 25 yards/meters
  • Swim nice and easy; work on streamlining off each wall.
  • Streamlining is holding your body in a nice, tight line when pushing off the walls. You should be under the water with your arms pressed up againt your head, deltoides squeezing your ears. One hand is on top of the other with the had that will pull first on the bottom. Arms and legs straight; toes pointed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Courtney - Goal Setting

I guess since I posted the article, I should actually post my goals, eh?

Training session goals

Weight Training - Be consistent!
Plyometrics - Follow program from Phat Camp

Short-term goals
Spinning - 2 classes per week
Running - Start Beginning Runner's Program
Cycling - Honey Tour de Burleson (25 miles) or Cowtown Classic (38 miles)

Long-term goals
Run - (2) 5Ks in 2008
Swim - 2 miles
Cycling - Complete at least 5 organized rides in 2008

Process goals
Finish Danskin in less than 2 hours (Great goal, Donna! I know it's the most magical place on Earth, but I don't want to be out there all day. LOL)

Outcome goals
Finish the Danskin Disney and declare goal weight. I haven't announced it here, but after 6 years of the weight loss game, I've decided to declare goal at my triathlon weight. What better time to do it after significant training for a major fitness event? The tri will take place a couple of months after my 7th WW anniversary...sounds Lifetime worthy to me. :)

Goal Setting - Donna

I took it to heart!

Training session goals:
Resistance Training - Shoulders back and down!
Cardio/Endurance – Increase periods of high intensity.
Cardio/Distance – Run a little farther each time!
Cycling – Increase and keep consistent cadence.
Swimming – Get gear and get in!
Transition Training! Plan it. Do it!

Short-term goals:
Chest press 120 lbs; 1 set of 6 (currently @ 100 lbs)
Leg press 700 lbs; 1 set 6 reps (currently @640 lbs)
Run 1 mile, no walking, at 4.5 mph (currently @ 4.2 mph)
Swimming – Non-stop for 20 minutes, any style.
Cycling – 25 miles, averaging 16 – 18 mph

Long-term goals:
Run a 5k with a respectable time.
Swim 1.5 miles
Cycling - Participate in a long distance ride

Process goals:
Smooth neuromuscular transitions
Finish Danskin in less than 2 hours

Outcome goals:
Finish the tri!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goal Setting

By Bob Seebohar

Goal setting is very important for athletes because goals serve as markers of success and increase positive reinforcement through the immediate feedback provided during each training session.

We have specific goals for each training session you will do, which will help you by allowing you to focus on the "why" behind what you are doing. If you do not have a specific purpose for each training session, it will usually result in very little physical improvement and could lead to overtraining by adding "junk" miles.

There are different types of goals:

● "Training session" goals are the specific objectives associated with each training session you will do. Whether it is focusing on form, training at a faster pace, or practicing proper nutrition strategies, each training session should have a specific purpose.

● "Short-term" goals are those that are set in the near future of months to a year in time. Short-term goals are important to identify because the attainment of these goals provides a hierarchical sense of mastery and success that builds self-confidence.

● "Long-term" goals are those that are set longer in the future (years) and are just as important as short-term goals. Long-term and short-term goals are interdependent, that is, long-term goals provide a sense of meaningfulness for pursuing short-term goals.

● "Process goals" are those that you have control over. Examples include specific swim, bike, and run times for a race.

● "Outcome goals" are those that you have little control over such as winning a race. This may be a top priority but defining markers, or process goals, along the way or during the race will prove to be more successful than defining one outcome goal.

Racing and goal setting are interdependent. They are both a process in which rewards are gained along the way. Think of it as a journey of process goals that are directed towards improving health, becoming more fit, and improving performance. The important thing to keep in mind is that process goals are for you to focus on which you have control over, thus ensuring a higher rate of success.

Every training session should have a goal associated with it and you, as an athlete, should know this goal before stepping out the door to train. The better you can define the purpose or goal of a training session, the more attainable your process goals will be and in the long term, your short- and long-term goals.

Focus on the journey and enjoy the ride!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Be A Part of the Cure

Please help contribute to the Tour de Pink

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here's a Test

Here's a test post. We just need the e-mail addresses of the others, so we can invite them to be authors with us. Courtney, you should have received an invite already.

Might be nice if everyone included a pic of themselves and a little introduction, so we can all virtually meet one another.

Can you tell I'm just a little excited?