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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goal Setting (Alana)

Training session goals
4x weekly weight training sessions (will post specifics later)
Pilates 2x weekly

Short-term goals
Swim: 1-2x per week
Running: Couch to 5K plan
Cycling: Spin class minimum 1x per week
Drink more H2O!
Lose 4 lbs in August

Long-term goals
Run: 2 5K events in 2008
Triathlon: Complete 2 triathlons in 2008
Cycling: 5 organized rides in 2008 (Courtney and I are riding partners)
Compete in an amateur Figure Show
Complete personal training certification

Outcome goals
Certified personal trainer
Lose the last 10 lbs and declare goal weight
Finish the Danskin Tri and become a super triathlete!

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