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Monday, July 23, 2007

Goal Setting - Donna

I took it to heart!

Training session goals:
Resistance Training - Shoulders back and down!
Cardio/Endurance – Increase periods of high intensity.
Cardio/Distance – Run a little farther each time!
Cycling – Increase and keep consistent cadence.
Swimming – Get gear and get in!
Transition Training! Plan it. Do it!

Short-term goals:
Chest press 120 lbs; 1 set of 6 (currently @ 100 lbs)
Leg press 700 lbs; 1 set 6 reps (currently @640 lbs)
Run 1 mile, no walking, at 4.5 mph (currently @ 4.2 mph)
Swimming – Non-stop for 20 minutes, any style.
Cycling – 25 miles, averaging 16 – 18 mph

Long-term goals:
Run a 5k with a respectable time.
Swim 1.5 miles
Cycling - Participate in a long distance ride

Process goals:
Smooth neuromuscular transitions
Finish Danskin in less than 2 hours

Outcome goals:
Finish the tri!

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