Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"Can of corn. Can of corn and I'll be fine. Can of corn."

Fat-free, calorie-free, taste-free cookie to the person that knows where this quote came from...LOL

Training...I'm still trucking along. Today's swim was 1000 yards. Small for the "real" triathletes, but excellent for me. Where's my damn medal?!? This weekend should be action-packed. Tomorrow is G's 2-hour spin class, Friday is a cycling date, Saturday is the Fort Worth Zoo 5K and Sunday's craziness involves a hike. Why am I still fluffy with all of this activity? Because Coco likes her food and booze. The scale isn't moving nearly as fast as it should could be, but I'm ok with it. I live the healthy lifestyle 85% of the time and that's a passing grade. LOL

In other news, I've fallen in love with my new Pearl Izumi Attack cycling shorts. I think we'll be very happy together. Nice padding without feeling like a diaper. On the flip side, I wasn't too thrilled with the Lands End Aqua Terra top. :( I'm a super tall chick and the garment just isn't long enough. LE offers long torso options, but not in their plus size line. Apparently "plus size" still equals "short" in some designer's minds. Hello? What about the Amazons?!?

Anyway, I returned the top to my friendly neighborhood Sears today (thanks for the tip, Donna!) and I'm back on the hunt for tri separates. I may check out the Junonia top next. If all else fails, I'll be back in my trisuit from last year.

I hope you're all having a great week! Happy Training!


Donna said...

Great on the swim!

Sorry the LE top didn't work for you. Guess I'm kinda squatty. LOL

Now, try this one:

I have it.. it's super long; totally covers "Mannus the Pannus" on me. The XL is a 16-18 and XXL is equivalent to 20-22.

The material is nice and light. Definitely need a sports bra unerneathe though.

Julie said...

I have yet to find a great top... I love my pearl izumi shorts, but I can't remember which type they are... I'm going to have to replace them though... they're just not destined to last forever. MAN!