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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lands End Tri Suit????

I know it's not known as an athletic brand, but I don't think any one would argue that their stuff is of very good quality. I get my swimsuits there because they are flattering and appropriately modest for a day of pool play with my kid (i.e. body parts are covered and nothing falling out!)

This morning I stumbled across their Aqua Terra line. They offer regular and plus sizes in all of them! and I bet these pieces could work for a tri.

I'm ordering the Aqua Terra High Neck Swim Top TODAY. My hope is that the support is as good as it is in my other swim pieces for them. If so, I will be thrilled!

Hope this helps someone.

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Lynnderful said...

Donna, I checked out the bathing suits and may order one, also. They look supportive and comfortable. Let me know how you like yours.