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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Plans

Today I'll hit the gym with lifting and swimming. I think something clicked with me and swimming and I realize I don't so much dread getting in the pool anymore. Much like running, once you start, you see progress quickly -- I need that to keep my interest and motivation up. Truly, it is more of a pain to drag all the stuff along, get changed, dry off and leave with wet hair, etc.!

But then the question is... Deal with the p-i-t-a.... or have good health. ;-)

26 days until the Lonestar Tri (and I'm actually excited)
44 days until the MS150
88 days until the Danskin

The gym plan this week (I was "off" on Monday):
TUE: Lift & Swim
WED: Lift & Run
THU: Bike (gym, road or spin?)
FRI: Swim
SAT: Bike (Road) & Run
SUN: Swim/Bike (?)

1 comment:

Lass said...

YAY! I admit, laps is pretty mind numbing; but I keep a running commentary in my head. I swear, if someone could listen in on my conversation...they would throw me in the nearest padded cell. lol

What kind of plan do you have for lifting?