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Monday, March 23, 2009

Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming

Got in the pool like a good girl today and swam for about an hour. I did a few 150yd sets to warm up, then I was doing "windsprints".... basically I swam as fast and hard as I could across the pool then did a 30 sec cool down... then I started shortening the cool downs.... Then I did some work with the kickboard (I have a sloppy kick!) and then did several 150s.... I wish I had a lap counter because I can't remember everything I did... Either that or I'll PLAN the workouts ahead of actually getting in the pool and following it *lol*

Felt darn good and helped loosen me up from the bike. I'm achy and I'm not sure if it's a) because of my Fibro, b) because I fell, c) because I biked 20mi yesterday, d) because I swam for an hour today, or e) all of the freaking above.

I'm guessing E.

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Courtney said...

Awesome, girl!

I have a sloppy kick too. :)