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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Danskin SheROX is 14 weeks from today. I have yet to get in the pool. Surprised? If so, then you obviously weren't reading my diary during tri prep last year (ha). I just flat out don't like the swim. I don't have a fear of water...I'm just not in love with swim training. I don't understand it. I looooooooooved swimming as a child and I had no problem getting my swim on at Trunk Bay in USVI. Laps at the good ol' 24 Hour Fitness pool? Booooo!

So...the main goal for March is to get in some decent swim time. I've decided that I'm not trying to smash last year's time. It took me 29 minutes to swim the 880 yards. That is absolutely craptastic compared to some of the seasoned tri blogs that I read, but at Danskin, it was basically in the middle of the pack. The elites finished in 7 nanoseconds and some of the slower folks spent 45-50 minutes in the water. My goal for this year is 22 minutes or less. I've accepted the fact that my swim will remain slow...and that's why I'm training to have better times on the bike and the run. I'll also spend less than 20 minutes in transition and save the photo ops for the end of the course. teehee.

Happy Training,


Jenn said...

14 weeks??? That's it????? #$%&@$*(%&#$(*%&#(*$&%(#*$&%(*#$&%(#&$%(*#

Courtney said...

LOL I know, girl...oy vey!

Lass said...

14 weeks, that leaves me 2 more weeks to goof off and pretend i know what the hell i think i'm doing. *snorts*