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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Multisport: A New Definition

Swim, Bike, Run...Feed, Burp, Change

I decided it was time to take a break from kiddies and post an entry! As most of you know, I had my precious twin boys on January 31st. Things have been challenging, but I'm a tough cookie. I have new respect for all Moms...especially Mommies of Multiples. :)

I can officially start training next week and I can't wait! I'm ready to get back into the gym, on the bike, in the pool. I am looking forward to building up my endurance and getting prepared for the triathlon. I have lost 38 of the 52 lbs that I gained while pregnant with The Wonder Twins, so I'm pretty pleased. The rest of it will hopefully drop once I can get back to training.

Next month I'll be doing the Fort Worth Zoo Run Run and possibly the WildRide in May. I'll be back soon to post my training schedule.

Keep working hard, girls!


Donna said...

LOL now that's one challenge I'll leave to the wonder multiple moms, like you! :)

Lass said...

I'd say you already have some endurance! lol

Jenn said...

I still think that y'all shoulda held out one more day so the boys could have the BEST birthday on the planet!!! :) hee hee...

Seriously though, not sure how you do it! The WonderTwins have a WonderMaMa!!!! :)