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Saturday, May 16, 2009

WildRide! 2009

Join more than 2,000 cyclists for the 6th annual WildRide! Against Cancer on May 16, 2009. The event is projected to net more than $110,000 for Richardson Regional Cancer Center, an affiliate of UT Southwestern Medical Center and home of the Lance Armstrong Shaped Beam Surgery™ program. WildRide! is the only bike ride to allow riders across the long stretch of the beautiful Lavon Lake Dam, closed all other days of the year! Enjoy rolling hills and scenic byways through small North Texas towns that open their arms to this annual event.

Oy vey! Of course the morning started with heavy rain. I prayed that we'd be such luck! There were 5 Tri Divas doing this event (including Julie who rode her bike from Oklahoma to be here! Ok, she drove...but still a rock star). At 7:45am it was still coming down (ride started at 8), so I decided to stop bitching and just get the damn thing done (how is that for positive attitude? LOL)

The Divas split up on the course and Julie and I ended up riding together. We're rolling along (at a nice pace, I must add...despite the sequel to "Waterworld" playing out in my contacts), chatting and having a good time. After awhile we realize we're in heavy traffic and there are no other cyclists around. Umm...WTF?!? Julie and I were apparently having so much fun that we completely missed our turn. The mishap only added an additional 2 miles to our total, but it was still a tad bit annoying due to the rain. We missed the rest stop (not that you really need it on a 16-mile course), but y'all know I'm all about the snacks! *stomping foot*

The ride itself was pretty good. A few rolling hills and a couple of slow climbs and a nice downhill that took my bike to 28mph...woohoo! Probably wasn't smart in the rain, but I survived. Don't tell my mom, ok?

I think all of the Divas enjoyed themselves despite the shiteous weather and meeting Julie was great! She's a very cool girl and I can't wait to see her again next month for Danskin! I must give a shoutout to Alana (Super Mom of Multiples!) for completing her first event of the year! As if birthin' twin boys isn't impressive enough, the girl is still a cycling machine. I also have to give love to Drea. She's totally embraced cycling and her enthusiasm is contagious. Congrats on finishing your first organized ride!

Wet and smiley after the ride...Julie, Drea, Court, Alana (I always feel like freakin' Gulliver in group shots..LOL)

One for pinot grigio, One for tequila. Gatorade is for rookies!


Julie said...

Gatorade is for rookies! *snort*

Donna said...

Sounds like you guys did great and had a good time, in spite of yourselves. LOL

Eh, it's the mishaps that make it fun to remember.

Jenn said...