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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feel the Burn

So to cap off my week of sugar detox, my Lovely Wife and I decided to hit the gym on Saturday... She had a personal training session at 9am, so we got there around 8:30 so she could get in some cardio before her session. So I hop on a treadmill and did about 40 min, which included about 4 minutes of jogging. Then I started to get bored, and I'd more than exceeded my time limit so I was getting dirty looks from people waiting for treadmills (even though there were open ones... I think people want "their machine") so I hopped off and hit the circuit machines. There were several to pick from, so I went for the LifeFitness ones that use pegs so that you can pick resistance rather than specific weight.

So, I did about 30 min or so worth of that... All sorts of different machines to cause all sorts of different pain. I did every move slowly and deliberately to get the resistance in both directions for a better workout :) There were 2 machines I wanted to try (a torso twist thing and the assisted pull-up machine) but every time I tried to get them someone else beat me to it. So, after my muscles were screaming I figured on should hop on one of the bikes. I HATE STATIONARY BIKES. The only ones I've ever ridden that felt like a real bike are the ones that are a big fan thing. So I gave up after a few minutes because it annoyed me and I tried the stairmaster. That lasted exactly ONE MINUTE. None of the ellipticals were open, so hopped back on another treadmill, and did about 25 min of 3.5mph walking on 2.0 incline :)

Then we went for omelettes *LOL* :) I got eggwhites with ham and mozzarella. YUM!!!!


Courtney said...

You were working hard, girl! I hate the regular stationary bikes too.
It's the spin bike or nothing. :)

JennDiva said...

I might actually try a spin class this saturday :) It will probably kill me, but what the hell :)

Donna said...

Awesome -- keep it up! I agree... stationary bikes suck!