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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gearing up :)

Hello ladies :)

Ok, so I dropped about $120 today, but I got myself a REALLY nice pair of bike shorts at REI (Pearl Izumi Short Attack Shorts) which, amazingly enough, fit me. Maybe they're just REALLY stretchy... But they are an XL and fit me just fine. Of course, I bought them to wear UNDER some other shorts.... maybe by the time the Tri comes around I'll be body confident enough to let them fly solo :) They're $70 shorts, but we had a 20% off coupon, so after tax I got them for $61. Hopefully they will do great work towards avoiding the dreaded NCS. A big shout out (did I just freaking say shout out???) to Beth at the Schaumburg, IL REI who talked me into spending the extra $$ on the heavy duty cootchie protectors. She's doing the Danskin too, so we'll see her there! :)

After REI we went to the Campbell Street Bike Shop in Arlington Heights, IL (plug plug plug) so my Lovely Wife could look at a new bike. Tiffany (she and her hubby Peter are the owners) works for the Park District at one of the other locations, and she covers shifts at Oly for me from time to time. They are AWESOME people and I want to give them a shameless plug because the small business owners of the world need all the help they can get in this economy :) So if you need anything bike related and live in/near Chicago, go see them. They rock.

ANYWAY, at CSBS I got myself a pair of Pearl Izumi Pittards Leather Gloves so I can pad my hands as well as my butt, and a Cat Eye Velo 8 so that I can see how many miles I'm hauling my fat padded ass around *LOL* :) Oh, and a sample thingy of Chamois Butt'r. I'm guessing I'll end up going back for one of the big things of it, but I want to try it out first to make sure that I'm not allergic to it. That is NOT an area you want to have an allergy in. EEKS! Looks like a fairly safe formula, but I'm not taking ANY chances.

So, I'm done spending for a while :) But I look at all of this as an investment in me, and I like to think I'm worth it :)

More later! :)

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Courtney said...

Very cool that you met another Danskin-ite while shopping! I'm so excited. :)