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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wimping out

Ok, so tomorrow is the Danskin Tri, and I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing the tri.
  1. Would feel pride and accomplishment for finishing
  2. Would get to see some of the gals from my training team (hopefully)
  3. Would not feel guilty for bailing
  4. Would get swag and another medal
  1. The water is going to be between 70-72 degrees and I don't have a wetsuit.
  2. Fibro has been acting up after a humid and dreary weather week
  3. I have not done anything even remotely like training in over 2 months
  4. Did I mention how cold the water will be?
  5. Lots of gear to get ready and haven't touched any of it since July
  6. I still haven't taken the trek tri sticker off my bike... how sad is that?
  7. Could potentially injure myself
  8. Very vivid dream last night of me wiping out on the bike and being taken away in an ambulance. Woke up when in the dream I was on the verge of passing out. Omen?
  9. It's supposed to rain most of the day today up there... My bike would be out in the rain overnight
Pros of bailing on it:
  1. No risk of injury, drowning, death, etc.
  2. No potential asthma issues
  3. No pneumonia risk
  4. No fibro flare up
  5. R&R at home over the weekend
  6. No trekking back and forth up to Wisconsin.
  7. No waking up at 4am to set up my gear in the cold.
Cons of bailing on it:
  1. Would feel massive guilt for bailing.
  2. No swag (you all know I'm a swag whore)
  3. Would feel like a wimp.
I think I have my answer, but could use input from my TriDivas :)


Donna said...

Well, if you're not prepared, you definitely won't have fun. Sounds to me like you have your mind made up but just need a little validation. :)

If I had not trained in 2 months and knew the water too cold and required a wetsuit, I'd be thinking twice too -- never mind all the other medical stuff coupled with it.

All that said though, there is still the possibility I'd tough-it-out, because the thought of registering and getting a DNS might eat me alive on the inside.

Courtney said...

Hey Jenn...I agree with Donna. You've made a lot of great points, but ultimately it comes down to common sense and the big picture.

I've never had a DNS, but I did have a DNF at the Turkey Trot bike ride last year. I simply wasn't winter ride gear (I honestly thought I could tough it out, but the cold was too much for my light clothes). I also ended up getting a flat and I had no spare tube and at this particular ride, SAG was not prepared for flats.

The whole experience was horrible for me, but I learned a lot from it. I don't feel guilty about the DNF, but it still frustrates me that I went into something without preparing properly. I guess it messes with some of my Virgo logic. LOL

As for you...this is the best advice I can give...if you aren't prepared for this MENTALLY, I'd suggest that you take a pass. We've all done multiple triathlons now and while being physically prepared to take on the course is important, I think we realize the role that mental preparedness takes in this sport. There have been times when my body was physically exhausted, but because I was still "kicking ass" in my head, I was able to push forward. Multisport is a mindf*ck...regardless of distance. :)

I'm sure you'll make the best decision for you...and know that your Tri Divas are still in your corner. *hugs*

Jenn said...

I decided to defer it to next year... I am not sure if I'll get a DNS or DNF or if they'll just take me off the list. Either way, I'm ok with it. The little voice in the back of my head just keeps telling me not to be stupid, so I'm gonna listen.

Next year, I will be better prepared :)

Feener said...

sounds like you are not prepared both in the mind and body, which means it won't be fun. defer and get your swag next year. the swag for the danskin in metro was ehhhh....maybe go to expo to at least get the feel and volunteer !!!! great way to support and be involved but you wont get hurt

Lynnderful said...

I agree with everyone on this one Jenn. Deferring to next year was the best decision if you were not mentally and physically ready for the tri.

Next year come back better than ever Tri Diva!

Julie said...

I agree... the defer was the best choice... I like Coco's statement... tri's are a mindf*ck. YES! THEY! ARE! You'll be there next year and you will kick ass.

Julie said...

And it's not wimping out... it's being sensible.

Jenn said...

Thanks gals :) You are all awesome :) TriDiva love!!! :)