Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get your Number!

If you'd like to get your bib numbers online before the expo, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page. Check out "Search Roster Data" and choose, of course, Austin.

Knowing your number before the expo will save you time since you won't have to fight the crowd to check the board outside the expo center.


Jenn said...

1319, Baby!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Ok, so I was bored, and curious.... so those of you for whom I knew last names, here you are! :)

CoCo - 1439
Alana - 1428
Julie - 1316
Jennifer - 1059
Lynn - 1396
Lesli - 1272

BTW I'll be bringing body marking markers so we don't have to stand in that line :) I wonder how long I'll have my # "tattooed" on me this time? :)

Donna said...

686 for me... Guess the older folks get smaller numbers. LOL

Courtney said...

LOL My number was burned into my arm for MONTHS. I don't wear sleeveless tops, so it took forever for it to finally tan/cover. haha

Lass said...

Was?! I still can see the 3 and 6 on BOTH ARMS. I'm bringing my industrial strength SPF. Hopefully, nothing is getting through this stuff.