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Monday, October 8, 2007

Donna - Training Log Week of 10/7

Sunday - Off
Monday - Off (Cassie Started Dance Classes!)
Tuesday - PT Session, 30 Mins. Cardio
Wednesday - Swimming Drills
Thursday - PT Session, 30 Mins Cardio
Friday - 45 Minutes Running Intervals
Saturday - Spin Class, Strength Training

Some sad news... My trainer is quitting. His uncle made him an offer in the family business he can't refuse. He's got a baby on the way, and I think is seeking a little more stability than personal training can offer him right now. In any case, he's doing right by me, trying to get me in with 1 of 2 Master Trainers. For that I'm grateful, as I don't want to be trained by some Rookie who doesn't take me seriously. It might take a couple weeks, but it will be worth the wait if Freddy takes me on. I'm actually somewhat excited at the prospect of changing trainers. Sad to see Jimmy go, but welcome the new challenges Freddy will bring.

Started journaling in FitDay again -- need to make sure I'm getting all my nutrients. I was happy to find a support group of post-ops like me who do performance cycling and triathlons. My biggest concern is learning how to fuel for the challenge -- I've already been offered some really great ideas!

Hope all is well with everyone!

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