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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hi, I'm Sally

SO I went to the seminar at REI on Wednesday night where I got to meet Sally Edwards. It was cool :) Pretty much a big sales pitch, but I bought into it anyway *LOL* She was very motivating, and I left there really feeling like this is something that I can do. I was waiting to talk to Susan, my coach, and then this short blond lady in all white turns, looks at me, sticks her hand out and says "Hi! I'm Sally!" and it took my brain a second to catch up as I shook her hand and introduced myself. She seems really cool and she was SUPER high energy.

So this poster thing I got is the 8 week training program, and it's really straightforward to follow and doesn't look as brutal as I thought it would be! :) It's "Tri(athlon)opoly, so you move around the board and follow the day by day workouts. It's really cool :) It's also got all the heart zones and the way to find your maxes and then the zones you should be in. I think we get a heart rate monitor as a part of the training too :) Not sure if we get to keep it or if we just use it during the training sessions.

Mass Mutual was there and they gave us DVD's on how to prepare your transition area, and part of my coaching fee covers the open swim clinic up at our swim site in June :) I'm so excited! :) We also got a danskin bag, some Jelly Belly energy beans or something like that, a bic razor and a coupon for $15 off a full price item at REI :)

So, the goodies were great, but the motivation is really what made it worth it. I know that I have the 5 of you the day of the race to keep me going in WI, but I'm glad I know I have a team here in Chicago too that can get me there in one piece :)

OH!!!! And my lovely wife said she might try to put together a weekend in Lake Geneva built around the Tri so that I can spend recovery in the spa!!! WOO HOO!!!! :)


Donna said...

That TRIopoly thing sounds cool. Would love to see it! Any way you can scan it?

BTW, you can do anything... you don't need anyone to tell you that! LOL


JennDiva said...

Not sure how well it would scan... it starts out like a regular sheet of paper but unfolds to a huge sheet... but quite a few of the things on the poster are on here: