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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Space Race; Done!

I finished the 60 mile Space Race on Sunday. It is the single-longest distance I have ever ridden in a day, for a total of 100 miles ridden over the weekend. Sounds really lofty, huh? LOL

I could not have asked for better riding weather unless I could have convinced the wind to shift for the last 3rd of the race. I finished in 3 hours, 40 minutes of total riding time (not inluding rest-stops). I managed to stay fueled pretty well and learned that PowerAde does not work well for my "modified plumbing".

I was really excited to see my average speed for 2/3's of the race ove 16 mph! Then the wind came. :( I still finished over 14 mph for 60 miles with a max speed just over 20 mph. Definitely respectable for me. I can't complain.

Having done the 100 miles this past weekend I feel good going into the MS150. I'm just hydrating and fueling this week. No serious work on legs will be happening, though I am going to Box the snot (or at least try) out of my trainer tonight... you know, just for fun. :)

My family's possible relocation to AL is going slower than anticipated. We really thought that by April/May we'd be in flux, moving... but here we are playing the waiting game. With that thought in mind, I'm still considering the Austin Danskin. Yeah, I know... Crazy. LOL Registration is still open for a reason... maybe that's God's whisper. Should I wait for him to hit me over the head? Maybe I should just get through the MS150 first, right?



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