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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So While I May Not be Tri'n...

I'm still MS150-ing! This coming weekend is my last opportunity to ride before the MS150. Aaaaack!

This weekend I am increasing my distance, and doing 60 miles on Saturday and then the 60 mile Space Race on Sunday. I might get a couple more shorter rides in on before the 12th, but nothing that will have any significant impact on my training.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm not ready. Both my unplanned surgery and vacation took nearly a month of training away. And, since I didn't start soon enough, that's just poor planning on my part. It's like training for the swim in the tri -- you just keep putting it off until you HAVE TO DO IT... unless you're Jenn (aka the fish) Diva.

Last Saturday I rode with a friend's MS150 team in Huntsville. Holy sh*t! The hills killed me! We have no hills in Houston!! Add t that, I had no "granny" gear, as each time I shifted to use it I would lose my chain. We were to go 50 miles, but after 40 miles of big hills without my easy-climb gears, my legs just "bonked" I had nothing left. As I approached the crest of the last hill, my legs just wouldn't go anymore. Needless to say, my bike is getting it's tune-up as we speak. :) On Sunday I got back on the saddle to face lots of wind (courtesy of the Gulf Coast) for another 40 miles.

I keep picturing myself crossing the Finish line of the MS150. Previous years I couldn't see it, so I wouldn't even contemplate doing it. This year, for some reason, I can, despite my lack of preparedness for the event.

Hope you are all training well and remember I'm rooting for all of you!


Courtney said...

you're going to do great, D!

JennDiva said...

*glurb glub bluggle blurgle*

That's fishish for GOOD LUCK!!!!