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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

Swam for 45 min this morning and it felt GOOD. I was supposed to do:

100 yd easy warm up
8 x 50 yd w/20-30 sec rest between 50s
3 x 50 yd using kickboard
100 yd easy cool down

Well, I did it all and then some. I totally lost count during my 8x50 so I think it could have been more like a 12 or 14x50 *lol* Better too much than not enough, right?

My Polar F6 is AWESOME. I love having a quantitative measure of my workouts :)

More soon on my blog and this one :)

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Lass said...

I totally hate when I lose count with my swimming!! Mostly, I hate it b/c I'm doing something simple -- like 800 yrds without any kind of intervals. Makes me feel stupid. lol