Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Hills Are Alive... Corina's neighborhood! Alana and I headed to C's house this morning for a ride. I am so jealous of all the natural riches that are practically in her backyard. Great riding roads (with limited traffic), beautiful scenery (with cornfields!) and a large lake. She could easily have a triathlon in the area. I told her to find some sponsors and make it happen. :)

We did 15 miles this morning and they flew by. We stopped near the end of the route and enjoyed the lake for a bit. I saw the biggest carp I've ever laid eyes on. I'm mad that I didn't have a camera with me. Corina laughed at my enthusiasm, but I'm a city girl...big fish are just amusing to me. LOL

About the hills, we did several rolling hills and a couple of big inclines on our ride. The famous "monster hill" that she talks about is NO joke. The incline is so steep that I'm almost positive you'd roll backwards and suffer a gnarly crash if you didn't keep pushing forward. We didn't tackle THE HILL today, but it's on my Bucket List!

Alana and I plan to ride at Corina's a few more times this fall while training for the Denton Turkey Roll Ride in November. Julie (also a fellow Tri Diva!) is coming from OK to join us for the event. We're doing the 35-mile course, so it should be a nice ride in the cool weather. Hooray!

Hope you all have a great weekend,


Jenn said...

WOO HOO! Sounds like a blast! :)

Julie said...

OH! There is a hill over here that someone told me about on the north side of Tulsa that is apparently A MILE! up! I'm gonna tackle it too... but whoa.

Big Fish scare me!

corina said...

I really enjoyed having you two out to join me. I feel so blessed to have a variety of roads to ride down. I love the clear my head...that only country living offers. I can't wait to have you out again! I'm ready.