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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Houston, we have a problem...

I.... can....not... spin. Plain and simple. I made it 15 minutes. It was absolutely pathetic! I went in at 9 to get a bike, thinking that class started at 9:15. It started at 9:30, and after the instructor went over stuff with a few newbies (but never made it over to me) she started at 9:35. At 9:50 I had to leave it room. To add insult to injury, I hit my head on a fan on the wall as I was leaving, so my attempt at a graceful exit was completely foiled.

Problem is my center of gravity is too high, too big of boobs, I'm long torsoed and short legged... So every time she had us "hinge" my knees were knocking into the girls.

So, um, yeah.... it was sad. And I didn't have on padded pants or a seat cover so my buttbone still hurts. I will be sticking to regular biking for a while.


Courtney said...

You tried it and that's what matters, girl. Spinning takes a bit of time to fully enjoy. I hated it initially. Once I got my endurance up (and my tolerance of the seat), I was fine. A gel seat definitely helped in the beginning...and padded cycling shorts. :)

Lass said...

Ditto what Courtney says. You tried and that's DEFINITELY what counts!

As much as I'd like to go back to spinning -- I'm masochistic that way -- I'm not prepared for it.

Donna said...

I can tell you I experienced the same thing, so know that you're not alone, and don't give up on yourself.

These are the moments that we need to take head-on, full-force and do what works for us.

If you can't do her hinges, do your own variation, if you can't go as fast as the rest of the class to start because the girls get in the way, don't sweat it.

I'm telling you too, I bought one of those e-nell sports bras, and it was worth every cent -- especially for spin and step class.