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Sunday, June 15, 2008

4 Weeks...

So...the Danskin is 4 weeks from today. I am still feeling relatively positive about everything, but I'm sure Tuesday's bone scan will cause some serious mind f*ckery. I'm definitely not looking forward to it, but I need to know the whole picture. My modified workouts suck ass leave a lot to be desired, but at least I'm able to get my HR up without pain. I plan to take spin class tomorrow (after a week+ hiatus), but I won't be doing any standing/jumping and I won't get psycho with the resistance knob. If gimpy foot starts complaining, I'll leave class early. The rest of the week will be a mix of swimming, elliptical and Pilates.

I told myself that I need to focus on one event at a time, but you all know I need to plan! I have to have multiple goals in front of me or I go to a dark place (usually my closet with a can of frosting...LOL). With that said, here's my list (am I a Virgo or what?) of events for the remainder of the year:

Danskin Triathlon - Chicagoland (July 13)
I think I've mentioned this one a few times...?

Melon Patch Bike Tour (August 9)
The goal is the 42 mile course, but I may have to drop down to the 29 mile depending on what stage of recovery Gimpy McBane of My Existance is in. Chesty and I did this ride a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Nice scenery, great SAG support, friendly folks, etc. The homemade cookies are definitely a positive.

Mary Kay 5K (September 6)
Benefit to raise awarness about domestic violence.

Vineyard Run 5K (October 4)
A promise of free wine tasting at the end? I'm so there.

Komen Dallas Race for the Cure (October 18)
I'm on a friend's team this year (Team Angel if anyone local wants to join). Running this event is doubtful at this point. Maybe a "wog", but most likely a friendly, spirited walk.

Tour de Donut (November 3)
28 & 55 mile routes. I'm thinking we should aim for the 55 if we're going to be eating donuts. Realistically, I know I can't scarf donuts and ride. My stomach gets upset drinking some of the more sugary electrolyte drinks during a long ride, so I know donuts will mess me up. However, I am in love with the idea of a bike ride that provides unlimited donuts at rest stops AND gives riders a 5 minute time credit for each donut consumed. Since I know you're curious, last year's winner (best overall ride time after applying donut credits) hoovered 24 donuts. Oy vey...

Well, I need to get going. I have laundry to do, a closet to organize and triathlon gods to appease. I hope you all have a great week.

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