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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tri Dreams...

Well, nothing has changed on the stress fracture front. I was secretly wishing (and hoping and thinking and praying) that the bone scan would be clear, but it's confirmed. The recommendation is continued rest (*ahem*) and reconsider the triathlon. My plan? Continue modified workouts and hope for the best. I am NOT walking away from the Danskin. I've been kind to the injury for 2 weeks and my pain has been minimal. I haven't been spinning and I'm sure that has a lot to do with my decreasing pain amount. Will my foot be in pain during the tri? Most likely. Will Courtney push towards the finish line even if it means a freakin 3+ hour overall time? Absolutely. I'm in this until the end. I'll go back for another bone scan after the tri and see what the damage is...

In other tri news, I've decided to ship my bike. I dropped it off at RBM today and it will be boxed and ready for pick-up on Tuesday. The shop uses DHL, but I see Fedex mentioned quite frequently on various cycling/tri blogs, so I'm going to get a quote from them. My plan is to have it shipped to Jenn's LBS by Thursday at the latest. That will be more than enough shipping time. I'm nervous about it, but my baby will be insured and I'm going to stay positive.

In additional tri news, I've been reading Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in The Body You Have Now. I just started it and I'm totally impressed (although miffed because the "fat" triathlete on the cover is smaller than I am). Why didn't I pick this up sooner? Maybe because half the time I don't think of myself as fat OR slow. If it moves when you smack it, it's FAT. As for speed, I'm fairly fast on the bike and I walk pretty fast, but running? Let's just say USATF won't be asking me to join them in Beijing!

Anyway, I look forward to finishing the book (and posting a proper review). I'm hoping it will give me a last minute motivational shot in the arm.

Hope you all have a great weekend...only 3 weeks left!

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JennDiva said...

Hang in there, Chica!!!! We'll get you across that line, come hell or high water! :)