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Thursday, October 16, 2008

2009 MS150

I can't believe it. I did it. I signed up for the MS150 Houston to Austin again.

Registration for the event opened at 10:15 yesterday and by 1:52 pm it was over 80% full. 13,000 slots goes pretty fast!

It's also the 25th anniversary for the event, so hopefully it will be one to remember. I'll be riding with Team Mission Control. :)

Training for the MS150 will be good for me, partnered with the training for the 2009 Danskin. I have to figure out a new workout schedule, but I definitely need to dedicate at least 1 day to the swimming pool.

The Cadence function on my bike computer is already proving to make a difference in my riding. It kind of opens my eyes to how I utilize my energy. Hopefully this will make me more efficient and make my training more productive.

Just a couple weeks until the LiveSTRONG 5K and ride. I'm looking forward to the event. I'm sure Lance will remember me from the raffle drawing in 2003. LOL

Happy training girls!


Julie said...

I really need one of those cadence computers.

I can't believe 13,000 slots would go so quickly, but it's amazing how fast people sign up to do these physical challenges.

It's so thrilling to say I DID IT! at the end.

Courtney said...

Good Luck this weekend, D!