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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flipping Out!

HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned how to do flip turns today!

Yes... probably something I should have learned a long time ago... but today was actually the first time it really came up in the training session with Olga. She said, "Can you do flip turns?" I said, "No." She said, "I'll teach you today!" I said, "Ok."

It started with jumping with my knees coming up to my chest. Next was a somersault in the water. Next was somersault with a twist. Next was take a few strokes, somersault, twist and kick out and try to touch the wall. Next was get closer, try again until you make contact with your feet on the wall to push off. Next was contact and going sideways instead of forward. HAHA. Next was my first successful flip turn. And now, after just the one lesson it feels so natural. I LOVE FLIP TURNS!

I am cold though. They had the pool at like 87° but it still felt relatively chilly. And now that I'm sitting at home happily pinching myself because I can't believe I learned flip turns so fast, I'm realizing I'm quite cold.

FLIP TURNS! *doing a little flip turn jig* I feel like I'm really getting somewhere with this!

Go in peace and love... I LOVE FLIPS TURNS! I honestly feel like this might be one of the biggest boosts to my training ever. There is so much more power in flip turn. Now if I could get my breathing worked out.

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Courtney said...

Ok...I am so jealous. I can't do a flipturn. I cracked my ankle once and never tried again. *pouting*