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Sunday, November 23, 2008

1000 Challenge

Yes, I'm on a roll today...LOL

A fellow blogger suggested doing a "1000 day plan" in the hopes of shaking things up a bit. I basically need to determine where I'd like to be in 1000 days with my journey. I can also pick check points along the way for progress reports and divide the time frame into smaller chunks, if necessary. I love the idea! I'm going to apply it to a few other aspects in my life (financial, education, family elements) that will remain private. However, you'll be privy to the fitness focus...lucky, lucky folks.

100 Day Goal (end date: March 9, 2009)
-Lose 25 lbs
-Help my BFF create her "Baby Weight Blaster" program and follow it like I have my own baby weight to lose. I technically baby just wasn't of the human persuasion. LOL

250 Day Goal (end date: July 31, 2009)
-Lose 50 lbs
-Complete 101 running class and 2 sprint triathlons

1000 Days Goal (end date: August 20, 2011)

-I'd like to be maintaining at goal weight
-Complete a Half Ironman event (I originally wanted to accomplish this goal by my 35th birthday, so this challenge will hopefully make that happen a year early).

I'll be updating with progress and additional goals. If anyone is interested in doing something similar, please let me know. FYI, I used this handy calculator to determine my dates.

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