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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The end of the Tri as we know it...

Ok girls, so I found out something very interesting this week at the HeartZones conference...

The Danskin as we know it is over. Maggie and Sally have jumped ship over to Trek. Apparently, Danskin is still going to attempt to have a triathlon series of their own, but it won't be the same. I'm sure Danskin will still have a following because of name recognition, but the Trek will be the "Sally Edwards" experience.

Very weird, but very interesting. It'll be cool to see what happens.

More later.


Courtney said...

Whoa...that's pretty major! What to do, what to do...

Jessica Koster said...

Hi Ladies,

First, let me say that I do work for Danskin. But beyond that, I'm a women and have experienced the "magic" of the Danskin Tri first hand. Sally has also been an inspiration to me and I've enjoyed introducing her to first-timers and even talking with her over the years of my own quest to be strong and healthy.

I understand your concern based on the news of the past few days, but honestly think you are giving too much power to a few people. The "magic" of the Danskin Tri is in YOU, the people who bring their history and stories to race day. Over the years I've met some of the most impressive women out there - who have survived divorce, cancer, struggles with weight and more. I've had tears in my eyes and gotten goose bumps as I've sent off first-timers at the swim start and see them cheered on by family. You know all this from attending.

All of this happens with the backdrop of the Danskin company - where we've worked to empower women for the past 126 years. We're a women's company through and through, which is part of the reason I chose to work for Danskin.

I hope to see you at the Danskin in 2009. We've got some great things planned for the coming year, and hope YOU will make it the best year ever.

See you at the race,