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Friday, November 21, 2008

You Never Lose the Cheapos! Right?

I keep buying $10 cheapos when it comes to sunglasses for bicycling, because in my haste I always misplace them. The problem is they're not the best for your eyes. There are usually "waves" in the plastic that your eyes (and mind) have to adjust to, in order to see properly out of them.

I refuse to spend $200 on a pair of Oakley's, just so I can either lose them or have my pre-schooler take them, thinking they are a dress-up accessory.

Last weekend I stopped at Sun and Ski to get tubes for my bike. I also took a look at the sunglasses. I got to talking to one of the salespeople about this Serfas brand I found. I was surprised because they were jut $50, and came with 4 sets of lenses! That's a pretty good value.

Of course the skeptic in me had to ask questions about the quality. The salesperson said she'll never spend a ton for glasses again. She uses the Serfas brand herself and found them to be the most comfortable, helmet friendly brand yet.

They're a smaller company in California... you know how passionate those tree-huggin' hippies get when they really like something. LOL In short, they make a ton of bike stuff and claim their "passion" through all of it.

Check them out at or for just to see their sunglasses checkout

I got the KForce frames in I guess what they're calling pink, but they're no where near as pink as the picture they have on their site. Mine are more of a pearly-whiteish-pink... barely pink. I really wanted a regular color, but they were out and I needed some for the ride this weekend.

So they were $50 -- not cheap but not overboard... maybe I have a shot at keeping them! LOL

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