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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Better Day

I'm feeling like my usual positive self again, so that means another plan of attack. I've lost 200 lbs over the years and I've allowed myself to get too comfortable because of it. I can't continue to tell myself that I'm fine with the place I am now simply because I eliminated the possibility of death by obesity. There are other tasks that I'd like to complete and reaching the finish line with my weight loss is a major requirement.

I'll celebrate my 8th year of this journey in March. That's a long time to be focused on the scale, measuring food and counting points. I know I need more structure, but I'm not willing to be a Weight Watchers Points Nazi again. That mindset helped me remove a great deal of weight from my frame without drastic measures, but it also ended up taking over my life. I can't allow that again. I simply want to lead a healthy life and reach my goals in a reasonable amount of time. Sounds easy, eh?

I've also decided to reach out to my fellow weight loss veterans for motivation. There are a few people that have been in this journey as long as I have (and longer) and I'm hoping to improve my accountability by interacting with them. We're an exclusive club...why not help each other get to the final destination after all this time?

And because one bad ride doesn't make or break me, I reviewed my 2009 schedule and made some changes:

Butterfly Boogie 5K - March 28, 2009
The Space Race (Houston) - April 5, 2009
Rotary Sprint Triathlon - May 17, 2009
Danskin Women's Triathlon (Austin) - June 7, 2009
Benbrook Women's Triathlon - October 4, 2009
Komen Dallas Race for the Cure - October 17, 2009
LiveStrong Challenge (Austin) - October 23-25, 2009


Donna said...

Yay, yay! I see you added the Space Race! :)

Jenn said...

You know I got your back, girl. We'll always be in this together! *MWAH!*