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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Melon Patch Tour

Another ride in the books. The weather was very hot and humid, so we dropped down to the 29-mile route (which was actually 30.17 miles according to the bike 'puter). Alana and I finished in 2:08...14.14 mph pace. Not speedy, but decent considering the heat. Oy, the heat. There was a nice breeze during the first 20 minutes and then the wench disappeared! We hit the first rest stop and grabbed bananas and pickles (this combination would only be acceptable in the cycling world or weird prego craving). I took 4 endurolytes during the ride and they worked like a charm! My muscle cramps in the heat are usually pretty bad and I had NO pain on the course. Hooray for Coco! I also drank H20 and Luna splash like a crazy woman.

Quote of the Day: "We must be on the verge of death...there are flies everywhere." - Alana, Melon Patch Tour 2008.

All in all, a good ride...the heat has me on the fence about doing it again next year. We did Melon Patch in 2004 and the weather was superb. High 70s/low 80s and overcast. That was 4 years ago...we've had accelerated global warming and the re-election of Bush...things were bound to change. LOL

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Go Team USA!


Donna said...

Great effort stickin' out the ride!

July/August and even September are always questionable in my mind. Just never know what the weather will be like.

You're just that much tougher now. ;)

Lynnderful said...

Great Job ladies! Keep on ridin'!

Lass said...

More power to y'all!!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

the quote about the flies and heat on the melon patch tour is a great visual. thanks for sharing. nice blog updates!