Tri Diva Reunion Event? Hell, yeah!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome New Meat!

Hey there "New Meat" --- Hope you don't mind, but I'll call you Julie. We no longer Haze our new members of team Tri Diva.

About firsts... I'll share. Oh, wait. Not those firsts! ;)

Olga is right... you're not a cyclist until your first fall! I like to think I did mine right. I fell gracefully, at a stop sign with a pickup truck of high school kids right next to me. How's that for embarrassing?

Anyway, just wanted to say "welcome" to the team!

As of everything else, I've been in Alabama at my mother-in-laws for the last 4 days, where everything is centered around food. We eat breakfast, and no sooner do we finish the last bite, she's talking about lunch. I can't really do a lot of sugar, but I've been testing the waters... I feel like I've been on a sugar high for the last 2 days. My detox will start the moment we pull out of this driveway.

I've been watching the Olympics (In fact the tri is on in the background). After interviews with Dara Torres, I swear I feel that at almost 41 myself, that anything is possible. I'm not saying I'm going to be an Olympic athlete, but it is inspiring nonetheless.

I look forward to getting home and hitting my training. Still up in the air about Benbrook. I want to do it -- I haven't given up on it totally yet. The big deal is that I have to take a day off of work since the Tri is on Sunday -- Otherwise I'll have to drive 6 hours back to Houston, just me and the Cassinator, AFTER the tri... so I'm still thinking about logistics... I know. Time is running out. *sigh*

I reached my minimum fundraising goal for the LiveSTRONG challenge and if any of Team Tri Diva is interested in Riding the end of October, I'm still up for having company. :)

Take care... I'll be back to my regularly scheduled posting by Wednesday!


Julie said...

Thanks for the welcome!

Lass said...

*prays to never be a cyclist*


Sorry, I just can't hope for a fall so I can wear the title "cyclist." If jamming the saddle up my bum...twice...counts, then I'm a cyclist. Otherwise, I'll continue to proudly wear the "not a cyclist" title.

Jenn said...

Welcome Julie!

All this talk of cycling accidents is making my scar(s) hurt... kinda like a Harry Potter vs. Voldemort thing... *holding my arm and wincing*

Donna said...

Oh Lass, if you were only to get off that easy. :)

You are, indeed, a cyclist!