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Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Wheels!

Hey Girls-

My "window shopping" trip to Richardson Bike Mart ended up being a purchase. Isn't that how it always happens? I knew that it was time to get a new baby. I'd been having wheel problems with my current bike. The last ride that Courtney and I did ended up with me having to bail at the halfway point. Courtney did the turnaround and rode back to the car, loaded her own bike and came back to pick me up. I never mentioned it here, but FedEx Ground wasn't too kind with my bike. Peter had to true the wheel before the Danskin. It performed fine during the tri, but I had a battle with a rock (and lost) a few weeks ago and the wheel was pretty much done.

I purchased the bike used (from Donna!) a few years ago and it served me well....but it was time for something new. I ended up going with the Trek 1.2 and I'm already in love. As usual, RBM took the time to make sure everything was adjusted properly and sent me on my way. Court and I will be heading out for a long ride tomorrow morning and I'll let you know how things go.


Jenn said...

Super sweet!!! :) By the way, I love the new pics of you and CoCo with your profiles :)

Alana said...

Thanks, girl. I'm excited about breaking it in. :)

Donna said...

That bike is hot! Good luck with the new ride.:)

Lynnderful said...

Congrats on the new purchase!

Julie said...

We have the same bike! I love mine (just got it at the beginning of August.)

Have fun!

Lass said...

WOOOOHOOO!! *jealous for a new bike* (ignore the two bikes in the corner,