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Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Blood

Well... crazy as it may be... I'm really jealous I missed out on the Danskin with you ladies this year... I read about Lesli and Courtney both making their decisions to enter the event, the jitters and the questions, injuries, fear... and I thought for some reason... I really want to do that.

But I was too scared to commit so soon... so here I am... standing on the brink... and training for my very own first spring tri in April of 2009 so that I can join you all at the finish line for Danskin Austin '09... and I have to admit, while I'm so excited about that... I could throw up too.

Let me also mention... I just bought my first road bike on Thursday night... so exciting and cute bike shop boys, oh yeah!

Olga(my trainer, yes, her name is Olga)... jinxed me the other day... she said you're not a bike rider until you take your first fall... and when you fall, get up, dust yourself off, get back on your bike and go... But if I'm admitting the truth, I was kind of hoping that all those falls I took as a kid on my bike would, you know... COUNT. I was laughing with my mom the other day about how it should be the older you get the harder you fall... she just laughed and said, yeah, and I've got 20 years on you... she doesn't do stupid things like go out on bikes though. She's a little more careful with her body... I don't know if I'll ever learn that.

So you should know that on my second ride, I took the first spill in many years... which was of course witnessed by the pedestrian I was trying to avoid... and who thought I was crazy when I pumped my arms in the air (after I laid on the ground for a second and took a mental inventory to see if anything was broken...) and yelled "THAT WAS MY FIRST FALL!" I feel like I joined a club or something...

But hey! I did... tri-divas! So... from a new member... I'm excited to train along with you all, mention my silly mistakes, learn from you all (especially about transitions!) and I look so forward to meeting all of you in Austin '09. (except Lesli!, I look forward to seeing you again, if not before!)

Here's to the ladies who Tri.


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Courtney said...

Here's to the ladies who it!

Welcome aboard, J! I'm so excited for the group. :)