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Monday, February 9, 2009

Bike saddle

Now that the coughing and stuffiness are nearly an end, I feel like I can actually commit myself to a workout program. *sighs* One that involves a lot of weekend biking. Have I mentioned I hate cycling? Give me a twelve mile swim and a half mile bike ride. I can do that. I might being freaking exhausted, but I wouldn't flinch at that. Cycling? More than two blocks? I'd rather not, thanks.

I'm actually considering buying the cushiest [perhaps I should say, "most comfortable"] bike seat saddle [while I hate the actual activity, I can at least use the right vocabulary, lol] I can afford. Any recommendations?

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Donna said...

Actually, the cushy saddles are the worst thing for long distance riding. The gel spreads out over time and you feel like you have a metal post up your A$$, because all you feel is the frame.

The only thing you can do is start riding. The first few times will be tough on the butt, but you build calluses quickly.

It probably took me a half dozen rides to get used to the saddle - that was just riding 1 day on the weekend. This weekend I rode Saturday and Sunday and my butt hurt all over again... the back-to-back days need practice too.

They do have gender specific saddles (checkout BodyGeometry or Terry) which I highly recommend.