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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lesli: Swimming

I swam this morning. For the first time in ages. I was miserable. I decided it would be best to get used to the frackin' swim cap now than fight with it during the TRI. I had to adjust my cap three times. "Never again," I kept telling myself. I HATE that cap about as much as I hate the bike. However, "never" is never going to happen. It's a safety precaution to make us wear caps. I get that.

Other than the cap issues [fyi, a swim cap is a lot like a giant condom...without any of the fun], my swim as good. I practiced the motions of a few drills I've picked up. Then I swam my real workout: 400 yrds, freestyle. I'm completely embarrassed by how much I've lost to inactivity. UGH. At least I know the swimming part will come back fairly quickly. My goal is to be up to 2000 yards by next Saturday. Then I am going to start adding walking to the weekend workouts.

I hope to be doing bricks by end of March.

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