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Monday, February 16, 2009

Ok, I confess

I went riding with Donna on Sunday morning. Despite the nasty drizzle and the cold. Sadly, my back tire had a slow leak which lead to only 2 miles [how sad and pathetic]. I was actually enjoying myself *gasps* while riding. Despite the Peruvian Butterfly Syndrome, here's what I learned:

Donna rocks it with her iHome2Go. I'm envious and will have to budget for this handy little gadget.
I need bike shorts.
I need to ditch the reflectors (handlebars and seat).
I need to find my repair kit.
I need to CHECK MY BIKE before getting to the park.
I need a class in basic bike repair -- like, oh, say...proper tire pressure, how to change that slow leaking tube.
I need a nifty bike pump like Donna has. Mine is uber-portable but tires [ha one fall over laughing now] me out in 10 seconds.
No more gel seat. My butt wasn't sore or numb the entire ride [all 2 miles] or afterward.

Progress. I can actually say I didn't hate my ride on Sunday.

P.S. Did you see the news about Lance Armstrong's time-trial bike getting stolen? $10,000 bike. You'd think they would have armed security at the equipment truck. Three other bikes were stolen. What idiot steals a one of a kind bike? Are they going to ride it? Are they going to dip it in bronze? Are they going to ransom it?

P.S.S Does anyone read PastaQueen? I just found out about her through a cousin. So far, she cracks me up!

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Courtney said...

I'm proud of you, Les! Look at you riding in the hardcore elements. :)

I love PQ...she's hilarious.