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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Courtesy of my blogging "Men in Tights"

Now it's official, the Disco days are over. No sponsor could be found for Tailwind Sports, arguably the greatest team in the modern era, not even Red China could help Bruyneel's men. Now the boys will be getting familiar with the classifieds instead of the Treks as new jobs are required. Johan has stated he will retire, Hincapie is rumoured to be heading to Magenta-Town, and Whitey is off to Slipstream as one of the team's European directors. We may see the exit of one US team with another - Slipstream is building a nice little outfit this year with major signings reminiscent of when Abramovich came to Chelsea (Tinkoff tried but hasn't delivered).
Trek have also lost out, now looking for a new team - at least they haven't had the same history of BMC.

So thank you Tailwind/US Postal/ Discovery for all the joy you brought over the last years, you gave us such names as Boonen, Savodelli, Ekimov, Hincapie, Landis and of course Armstrong. Over the next couple of months don't be surprised to hear Barbara Mason belting from the Disco bus,"(Are you ready?) Yes, I'm ready; (Are you ready?) Yes, I'm ready..."

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